Matinee flap question

  1. I am loving my Dark Grey Matinee but have found that I prefer to have the flaps folded out. I managed to scratch the suede the first time I carried it so now I'm pretty nervous about getting anymore scratches on it as a result of my clumsiness.

    Do you carry your Matinee with the flaps pulled back? Or do you prefer to have them folded out?
  2. How bad did you scratch it? I scratched mine, but you just rub it and it goes away. I love mine flipped in. :smile: It makes it kinda funky and rich. :smile:
  3. Bad enough to leave a grooved line on the suede. Meh.

    I also find that the flaps get in the way of me opening the main zipped compartment of the bag. Do you fold yours all the way back or just partway?
  4. Both, depending on my mooooood. Am I in a fuzzy mood? Or maybe a secretive one?
  5. Another matinee flap question!!

    When you guys wear yours pulled back, do you pull them back enough to expose the zippers, or are the zippers still slightly hidden?
  6. I don't carry a matinee, but I've considered a couple, and I decided that I like the way it looks better with the flaps folded out also. I think it is fun to know you have that extra splash of color underneath but for everyday, I like the way most of them look without being folded up more.
  7. if it looks like rain, flaps come out, but I love the splash of color most times.
  8. The zippers are still a bit hidden. I can't really pull them all the way back because then the handles get in the way, so they're more folded over, not flipped inside out all the way (I don't know if that makes any's hard to describe).
  9. yup makes perfect sense... thats what i'm doing with mine now, but I was just wondering, because it seems like the zippers should be easily accessible when the flap is flipped up.
  10. I like the flaps folded out, as I think it gives the bag a cleaner, more classic look. Even so, when they are unfolded, the bag looks beautiful too!
  11. I like mine folded in, just to be a little different!

  12. LOL
  13. I have been carrying mine with the flaps folded back as I love the look and feel of the suede, but yesterday it started to drizzle a bit when I was out so I flipped them back down so as not to damage the suede. I was glad to be able to do that, I don't want anything ruining my precious bag!!