Maternity Wardrobe - How does one still dress fashionably??

  1. Hi ladies -

    I am 14 weeks pg now, and am having a hard time finding clothes that fit my style and taste - I feel like everything looks the same, empire waists, ties in back - I want to be a hot pg woman and I feel sloppy. Help!!
  2. I just had a baby in Oct. I found that I really didn't have to buy maternity clothes. A lot of styles right now allow for the pregnant belly. Once I was really huge in the last month I had to wear some of the ugly maternity stuff, but that was about it. The empire waisted shirts are all over right now. I got a lot of stuff at Marshalls, Old Navy and really all over. It's a good time fashion wise to be preggers, congrats!
  3. ^^Totally agree..and it's all the attitude as well. I had baby in September and while I was pregnant I felt amazingly sexy..dared to wear fitted clothes, heals, cute, funky, color...Enjoy it!!!!
  4. Saks has a great selection of cute maternity clothing :yes:
  5. As was stated above, I think a lot of the stuff that is in fashion right now could pass for maternity clothes. Hell, I'm not pregnant, but I love wearing empire waists and tops that tie in the back.
  6. i agree with all the above. it is a great time to be pregnant fashion wise. i had a baby in july and wore very little true maternity stuff - just the pants... you can often get away with regular clothes for a long time if you size up.

    that said, i remember for both pregnancies in the first semester i did not feel 'hot' or sexy, i just felt fat... it is only after you really start showing that you feel hot... you know, when that belly bump is unmistakable...
  7. If you have Zara near you, I saw that they have a small range of stylish maternity clothing.
  8. I've seen Juicy maternity tracksuits on NM's Site.
    Old Navy online (not sure about store) has a maternity section too
  9. I use Gap mostly. I still feel like a cow no matter what because of the weight gain in my face, so I've pretty much given up at this point. Gap has a cute selection that isn't "traditional" looking maternity stuff and you can return it in store even if they don't have a maternity section.
  10. When I was pregnant I mostly wore stuff like designer maternity jeans or pants but in the tops I would get stuff like the perfect tees at gap in a size up and layer it with maternity tanks then put a cute scarf around my waist! I totally didn't buy very many maternity clothing and another thing... Target was my best friend they have liz lange for target maternity and that was the best!
  11. Liz Lange @ Target has cute affordable maternity clothes!
  12. I think I will wear maternity trousers and my soon to be husband's shirts when the time comes :smile:
  13. what about maternity clothes for work in a business casual environment? any suggestions?
  14. Thanks ladies!

    I received some "A pea in the pod" gift certs for xmas, so am going to go check them out and see if there is anything I might like. I just started the 2nd trimester, so now that the bump is bigger, hopefully I'll feel cuter rather than just chubby.

    I like the idea of the Juicy trach suits, so possibly I'll take a look at those, though I could never bring myself to wear them out of the house...they've always felt like PJs to me.
  15. Check out the Nicole Ritchie thread - she makes pregnancy look like a fashion statement!