Maternity Photos

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  1. I am planning on having professional photos taken when I am around 34-36 weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has had maternity photos done and if so what kind of setting did you use and what did you wear? I want to do something unique, not the normal wrapped in gauze ones that you see. I would love to see your pictures if you don't mind posting them and I would love to hear any ideas if you have some!

    I am also looking for a top like this to wear, but I can not seem to find one anywhere! Any ideas?


  2. Here's one of mine..I used a beach setting (actual beach Siesta Key in Florida) and a strapless maternity top with a cheap cotton skirt from Ross. My top was about $8 and I just pulled it back...

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  3. Oh gosh, you guys are so brave!! I haven't let anyone take a single picture of me yet, and I sure don't want any when I'm twice as big! I don't feel like a cute pregnant woman, I feel like a truck. You guys are lucky you feel cute!:smile:
  4. That is a beautiful picture Fun2BAround!

    Tallulah I did take pictures in a studio for my first pregnancy but I wish I wore something that was more form fitting so the tummy would stand out more. I was not brave enough to show bare tummy. :smile:
  5. That is a gorgeous picture Fun! I actually live near the beach so I was thinking about doing some there. I just need to find an outfit like yours!

    I currently feel good enough to have photos taken, but who knows how I will feel in two months! As long as I don't gain too much weight. :s
  6. That's an amazing photo. Don't attack me anyone but I think black women look stunning in white.

    [I have to be careful as I keep inadvertently offending women on this forum [not an American y'see] :P ]
  7. I am not offended ;) Thanks!
  8. Thanks..we also did family pics in the same setting but I can't get them to upload..too big. My hubby wore white linen (airy, breezy) and the stepsons (who came in at the last minute) were in white shirts and jean shorts.
  9. I have been thinking about getting some photos taken too . . . I am completely camera shy (I didn't even really want wedding photos even though I ended up having them). But, I know that I will be happy down the road if I get them done. Keep the ideas coming!
  10. I really want to have some taken as well. I refused to take many pictures my first time around and now regret it. I literally have only 1 picture of my son in the hospital and none of me. What I wouldn't give to have some now. I know I may hate the way they look now but in the future I'll be glad I have them.
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    i did a shoot and it was a lot of fun! i wore a few different outfits. one outfit i wore was a white button down with only the chest area buttoned and the belly exposed. i also wore a black long skirt (peasant style) and a black bandeau top, that way my belly was exposed.

    i know my photographer really well so we did all kinds of fun pictures. my dh was in a few photos as well as my mom (we're really close) and our dog.
  12. Some women look amazing while pregnant, while others (such as moi) just look bloated and uncomfortable LOL
  13. Here's one of mine!

    I got all dressed up, walked up in the hills and kicked off my shoes! I LOVED my green shirt with the pine trees and other things in the background!

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  14. BEAUTIFUL pic!!!!!
  15. I had a photographer who was snapping some business shots of my DH swing the cam around for me (I was 8+ months at the time!) and he loved it... took a million more, some of me wearing all black and pulling my top up, and a few of us together, walking down the path at our house, with a backdrop, the works LoL

    I was HUUUUUUUUUGE but I felt really pretty and it shined through! I say, do it, and wear whatever YOU like, not even necessarily a maternity top :tender: