Maternity leggings?

  1. Has anyone found a nice comfy pair of maternity leggings/tights? I want to wear them under dresses for the winter. But they can't cut into my sides and let the horrible love handles hang over! :nogood: I've seen soooo many on all the websites and I don't even know where to begin. I need your professional help :okay:
  2. Definitely Spanx!
  3. Ah-ha. I had no idea they did maternity. Thanks so much!!
  4. i'm in canada and i bought mine at Thyme Maternity and they feel great, no bulges, no love handles, too bad they only comes in black...
    but i'm still in my 1st trimester, so i'm not too sure if they'll still be great later on in my pregnancy... but for some reason, i seem to be growing faster than i'm suppose to...i think (its my 1st pregnancy)
  5. Yeah I realized the Spanx aren't as thick as what I'm looking for. I want more of the leggings rather than tights. I did happen to find the HomeMummy brand on Saks website which look really comfy because they have a thicker waistband so I think I may order them.
  6. i just bought mine from Topshop maternity. I am petite but just to be sure its not too tight, i got mine in large.
  7. Some of the Spanx pantyhose pictures did crack me up though while looking! Seriously, though, I'd be interested in what you find as well. I looked at some leggings on babystyle today (since I have some credit with them) and wasn't in love with them. I'll check out the Home Mummy ones, since I'm also a big fan of the thick waistband.
  8. I just recently got two pairs one in black and one in grey from Mimi Maternity. The are really comfy and they were only 19 dollars each. They have many different styles. Hope that helped!
  9. Oh there's just so many out there huh? I'm just so picky with elastic around my waist. Thanks so much for all your suggestions!!
  10. OK, I just ordered some from Isabella Oliver (10% off, ending today.) I swear they didn't have them earlier in the season, but maybe I just missed them. I like everything else I've gotten from them, except for their scratchy wool sweaters. The pull on hipster pants from there feel like pajama bottoms but I can wear them to work! Hoping the leggings will be the same level of comfort. I'll let you know.