Maternity Jeans

  1. Can we discuss maternity jeans on this thread? Like,
    what brands do people like? which belly styles have been your favorite? Are you buying something different depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in?
  2. I bought the full belly band kind from destination maternity after my 5th month since i was getting by in my regular jeans with the rubber band trick till then. They served me quite well!
  3. I actually had this conversation with my midwife. She advised me to think of the weather.

    So as I was expecting my baby in September, I was in need of maternity jeans over the warmer summer months so I bought the lower cut ones that had elasticated expansion tapes in the side in order to avoid wearing another layer over the bump.

    I only had maternity clothes from late in the pregnancy as had a very small bump.
  4. With my last son I bought these full belly band maternity jeans by Next and wore them from 4 months to the day I delivered so I'm hoping to use same for my next dd *touchwood* :smile:
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    I stuck with inexpensive ones from Old Navy or used pairs off eBay. Personally I found that the full belly ones slid down too much and I had to keep pulling them up so I wore these:
    Both very comfy!

    Also had these under the belly ones by Heidi Klum's maternity line:
    (very dark denim not black)

    ETA: I also had a pair of Paige Maternity jeans that are very nice but were too big so I never actually wore them
  6. My favorites were my old navy maternity jeggings , which fit more like skinny jeans. I also bought a cute pair of straight leg maternity jeans from H&M. Both were full panel, which I find to be the most comfortable. I refused to buy designer maternity jeans because my size changes too often while pregnant.
  7. My favorite maternity jeans were by Paige. I bought them secondhand on eBay and wore them all throughout my pregnancy (I bought one size up) and then wore them a few weeks after giving birth. They had the stretchy panel on the sides and a regular zipper and button. But I never used the zipper, I could just pull them on. LOVED them! Miss maternity jeans, so comfy!
  8. I had Paige maternity jeans, which fit nicely for a while, but the material was not stretchy. It's inevitable that you will gain weight in your butt and thighs in addition to the bump, so I'd recommend finding a pair with some stretch in the legs so they will last you through.

    I preferred the type with the stretchy band at the top :smile: I felt like with the ones that just had elastic waists I'd be showing buttcrack :nogood:
  9. I agree, the stretchy band is they way to go. I believe you can buy seven jeans which come with the stretchy band (already attached) and their original band (separate) which you can get put back on after you have your baby so you arent stuck with maternity jeans forever. And you end up with a cute pair of jeans for after!
  10. I ended up getting Jeans West (an Australian chain store) maternity jeans. They had a "buy 2 for $99" deal and I just couldn't resist it. They have the bands that went all the way over my preggy belly. I much preferred thouse because I was heavily pregnant during the winter months so the band over the belly kept me warm and toasty. I also didn't like the ones that had the waist band thing because I carried all the baby weight at the front, so I had no waist and I found that during my first pregnancy my pants kept falling down do the second time around I made sure I got the over the belly band jeans.
  11. I'm bumping this thread as I am in search of maternity jeans now...

    I did not purchase maternity jeans the last time because a) I worked full time and preferred dresses on weekends; b) I was using the belly band trick until 5-6 months and with my due date being in the dead heat of summer, couldn't justify spending $200+ on a pair of jeans to wear for 2 months.

    With this pregnancy, I do need a pair of good maternity jeans - a) I only work part time and spend a lot of time with my 2 year old son when I am not working, requiring me to go outside in casual outfits (when I am not sick); b) I hated using the belly band trick. I hated how the zipper/button would dig into my belly, and I was paranoid about the band riding up (potentially exposing myself).

    I've been looking at Rock & Republic ones that do not have full belly panel but an elastic band. Has anyone tried this? I am also looking at Joe's maternity jeans - but I don't like how a lot of them are still in bootcut style. I normally love CoH, but I wasn't impressed with maternity jeans when I tried them on in the store. Somehow their rise was cutting into my lower stomach (could be b/c I am only 5'3"), which I know will be a huge problem down the road.
    I'd also like to know if you felt the $$ spent on designer jeans was worth it. I am super picky when it comes to jeans, and normally don't buy non-designer jeans because of the fit. I don't want to look crappy being pregnant on top of feeling crappy...
  12. I wore designer jeans when I was pregnant, but bought them second-hand off eBay to save money. They weren't any more expensive than new non-name brand maternity jeans and I liked the fit much better. I preferred the full belly panel because I've got such a long torso, but the elastic band may be more beneficial if you're short through the waist. My favorite pair was made for 7 for All Mankind and they were skinnies (Kate).

    Good luck!!
  13. Same here! And I was able to re-sell them on eBay without much (if any!) loss!!
  14. I was a big fan of Gap's maternity jeans. Decent variety of washes, cuts, and either a belly band or low waist. Very reasonable, too.
  15. I loved Seven For All Mankind while pregnant. So comfortable and stretchy. I bought mine off of EBay.