Maternity Fashion for the Non-Pregnant


Sep 22, 2006
I am puzzled. I spent the better part of 4 years pregnant and was forced to shop at specialty shops. Now that I am NOT pregnant, I can buy maternity fashion in any and every store around!

Now I realize that for women who have never been pregnant, it would never occur to them that current clothing styles might look like maternity styles. But after having to wear empire waists, gathers under the bust, tunic length tops and baby doll styles to accomodate a baby belly, I now have a hard time trying them on and NOT seeing maternity clothes.

Plus, while I do not look at all pregnant anymore, my youngest is still pretty young. It would not be unreasonable for someone who knows me to assume, based on clothing alone, that I was pregnant again and I DON'T want that to happen!

Anyone else feel the same, or does everyone love the maternity couture?


Feb 20, 2007
I love the current fashion. They're so comfortable. One of my older co-workers used to joke around with me and asked me if I was wearing my maternity clothes and I would joke back that my clothes were too young and trendy for him. I think I would look at the clothing in a different way if I had spent 9 months being relegated to it.


Dec 11, 2006
I just got out of my first pregnancy and some of the stuff is just too much for me. yes I love tunics but I saw some t-shirts that I would just refuse to wear. i did buy another tunic though, and it is slightly flared.... but I figure I can gather it with a belt.

btw, this has been my post-pregnancy indicator - the belt around the waist! that way, everyone believes I am not pregnant anymore.


Apr 9, 2006
Maternity clothes have definitely become very mainstream! I actually bought a top from Target a couple of years ago without realizing it was part of their maternity collection. It was stretchy and cute, so I figured who cares and kept it anyway. The reaction on my boyfriend's (now husband) face when he took it out of the dryer and glanced at the label was priceless! I had to try to explain to him how I bought it by accident while laughing my head off!


Feb 28, 2006
Oh you're right, I didn't realize but yes that's true !! My pregnant friend just bought the same dress than me, and I was thinking "hum why didn't you go to the pregnant section of the shop ??" I tend to like those empire waist dresses bc I have a small top and heavier hips and also I put on quite some weight around my belly and so I need the larger,longer floating tops....oups.
Feb 2, 2006
I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! Having been pregnant twice (most recently in 2004), I can't put on the latest trendy tops without looking like I have #3 on board! :Push: The baby doll tops are the worst, followed by the empire waisted tops with tie-backs....because I wore BOTH styles as maternity tops a few years ago.

Even so, I do own a few of these trendy tops, because they are just so darned FORGIVING of a big meal, i.e. steak and potatoes. No sucking in required! lol. I do try to make sure that they're minimally "poofy" around the middle and made of fabric that lays more closely to the body.

I think that women who have never been pregnant see these styles as cute and comfy, where as moms are mostly just reminded of how fat and unsexy they might have felt when they were pregnant!


Feb 23, 2006
I'm personally not a huge fan of the current trend, but I do agree they are so comfortable, especially the tent dresses.

There was an article in the NYT about the collarbone a few weeks back. Because of the current fashion, the way thin girls were distinguishing themselves was by showing off their thin collarbones.


Love as thou wilt
Jul 4, 2006
omg, i completely agree!!!! i'm about to graduate from high school and have been mystified by the droopy, shapeless clothing my peers have been wearing not only to school but to formal parties as well. it really grates on my nerves, for some reason. i wonder if this trend reflects the recent baby boom in hollywood...though most people can't/won't follow the trend by having babies, they can still dress like it...


Feb 6, 2007
I like this trend too since I have a large chest and the empire waist shows off my thin waist. My issue with this trend are that many of the tops are gathered at the waist so you automatically look pregnant even if your stomach is flat. The trick I have found is you have to find tops that are cut close to the body.


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Oct 4, 2006
Hahaha! I've had four pregnancies - and I wish they had all these cute things around (well, I wasn't pregnant THAT long ago!!!)
I agree though....unless you're a size zero, it just doesn't look so good. You wonder "is she or isn't she."
There are a few really flowy tops that I got at Target though, that are TDF cute that I just don't care - with a little pair of jeans capris and flip flops, I don't care what the hell anyone thinks when it's 110 degrees outside.....


Still Abby Fabby!!
Oct 21, 2006
Hahaha I thought this was just MY issue.

I'm tall, and busty (thanks Mom :rolleyes:) so when I wear one, I don't look flirty - I look fertile!!! My best friend hates that I won;t even consider them but EVERYONE wants me and DH to procreate right now and I know I look pregnant in anything empire waisted or tunic-y!

So, uh, no thanks I'll keep my t-shirts thank you :graucho: