maternity clothing staple

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  1. What is a piece of maternity clothing that you couldn't live without?
  2. my maternity pants. tops i still can fit into my pre-pregnancy babydoll style, those with long torso fit or even my hubby's sweater (with the sleeve folding over) ... it's the one piece of item i cannot do without :yes:.
  3. A killer pair of maternity jeans and a black wrap dress. These two always made me feel beautiful, even when I was huge and about to pop!
  4. Cute & comfortable ballet flats.
  5. This moss green empire waist goddess dress (wasn't eve a maternity dress) in a super soft t-shirt material. It hid my swollen feet and made me feel cute.
  6. At least one pair of maternity jeans that make you feel sylish, spend the money, you won't regret it.
  7. The perfect black pencil skirt. It took forever to find, but it fits so well, and has that tapered thing going on so that even now, at 8 months, directly from the front, I barely look pregnant! (But then I turn
  8. I'm going to have to agree that splurging on a great pair of jeans is the way to go.
  9. a long tight but very stretchy tank top. i wore it everything! i have a lot of skirts so i wore it with those. since my belly was pretty large, it wasn't very long once it was on me :p
    i had maternity jeans, which i loved! but didnt wear them as much as skirts, maybe cuz my peak was in the sumer.
  10. My staples for now are a black stretchy pencil skirt (maternity), dark wash skinny jeans (maternity), black leggings (maternity), camisoles (maternity & non), and fitted tshirts (non maternity, but they're long anyway so they cover my belly!)
    I mix & match maternity with non maternity with belly belts and bands so I dun have to spend a bomb....ekekeke
  11. I also think that you can pass on maternity tops for the most part. There are so many cute empire or trapeze non-maternity tops out there these days that there's no need to get maternity stuff. So, definitely pants. My very favorite now that I'm in the last trimester are Isabella Oliver hipster pants. They're so soft and stretchy, don't go too high up on the belly, and feel like I'm wearing PJs to work. Love them!! I just bought extras when IO was having a sale.
  12. T shirts and tanks from Babystyle. They are super soft and form fitting -not those hideous tents from the cheap maternity stores. Also, a killer pair of designer jeans!
  13. You know, I can't really get into the maternity jeans all that much. I had a total quest to find them, and I like them OK, but I find with the belly panel I feel like they're falling down all the time. So I wear them out, but when I'm lounging around at home, I'm way more into sweats or something like that.
  14. Oh yeah, they definitely come off the second that I am through my door! Anytime I am in my house, I just wear yoga pants - maternity and non maternity.

    But still, I do feel like I feel more like a normal person in a good pair of designer jeans when I have to be in public. I tried ones w/out the panel, but those felt like they were digging into me AND falling off:tdown:
  15. maternity jeans and comfy but super stylish flats!