Materialistic or honest?

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mr. couturier

Sep 7, 2006
So bare in mind this will be a bit of a rant. So, for Christmas, I got the average gift from my father (cash) which I ask for every year and usually recieve, which is the best idea since I generally don't like many things from "average" stores and prefer to pick things out myself. Except, from my mother, I'd asked for a couple of turtleneck sweaters, the Devil Wears Prada dvd (completely different than the book and not that well done, IMO, but funny), and cash depending on how many sweaters she got (I wear them all the time and they're about $20 each from target). I got the dvd, one turtleneck sweater, and a bath robe. I really wouldn't have had any problem with that at all, except for what my sister recieved. She got a vanity ($180), make-up cabinate ($130), and ipod thingy which I don't know what it does, but she wanted it ($100). I feel so horrible for saying this because it seems so materialistic, but I know that we aren't exactly in the worst possition financially (I help sort her tax returns, statements, etc.) and it just makes me feel so bad that she gave my sister four times as much as me. My god....I can barely type this, I feel so guilty saying it. I know I have a TON to be thankful for and I shouldn't be groaning about not getting as much as my sister, but along with that, I got soap and hand creme in my stocking. She got candy, a $20 gift card to Best Buy, and some other things (btw: she's 20 and living with us and I'm 15). I don't know exactly how I should feel about this...has anyone else encountered a similar situation? I need to know how I should talk to my mom about this, if at all (right now, I'm thinking I should keep it to myself).

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
As long as it's still open, I will say that I would feel the same way if I were you. I would feel both slighted AND guilty for feeling that way. It's kind of touchy because it's Christmas and they're gifts after all, but you can't help if you feel a little upset. That said, she is older than you and maybe you can look forward to more goodies when you're that age. Merry Christmas, though, hope you're having a good day.
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