Material on the chocolate carly vs. khaki??

  1. I was looking at my new chocolate carly tonight and I was feeling the material on it, for some reason my khaki/chocolate feels a lot softer then the all chocolate? anyone know why that may be?? and does anyone else notice this to??:confused1:
  2. Probably because it's brand new, my khaki/saddle Carly is many months old and way more floopier feeling than the newer Carlys that I feel up in the boutique.

    Just the nature of the beast! And my shoulder tote? WAY floopy!
  3. but my khaki big is only 2 days older then my chocolate
  4. maybe it is because they use 2 different threads on the khaki one and the chocolate is the same thread ? you know to weave the patter. Just trying to come up with a theory !
  5. Is the difference a deal breaker for you?
  6. OMG!!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed this!!!! Mine aren't new, and they still feel this way. The Choco carly seems to hold her shape better than the khaki. The choco seems stiffer...and the khaki slouches a lot more.

    Does anyone remember when I said my khaki Carly got wrinkled? Well, that's just because it's a little different than the Choco Carly, and I was used to the way it held it's shape. (khaki carly looks better now that I packed her...but still).
  7. yeah I wonder why I would think it was the same material.. and when I carry my chocolate carly around my house with my stuff in it I feel like she sits on my shoulder a little different
  8. ^^^Yeah, and personally, I think the Choco Carly is lighter than the khaki...don't get me wrong, I still love my khaki Carly, but the material is a bit different. Maybe the dye they used stiffens it?? Who knows. But I totally see what you mean.
  9. at first I thought maybe it was cuz the khaki/chocolate was a newer color so they used some new material in it or something lol
  10. Candace, you crack me up! Love how you 'felt up' the bags!