Material of Miroir??

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  1. What material is the Miroir made out of? (both inside & outside) Thanks! Do you think the metallic part is going to get scratched up?
  2. i heard that the metallic part is incredibly durable, and it doesnt scratch even when you try to scratch it. i think the inside is baby goat skin or something, but i cant tell...
  3. They are not leather - they are PVC material (plastic), per my SA.
  4. I highly doubt the inside is "baby goat skin" looks like cloth or something :shrugs:
  5. The miroir is made of vinyl aka plastic and the interior lining is cotton and polyester. If you look on and look under silver, you will see the speedy and papillon and it tells you the materials. HTH
  6. The exterior is made of vinyl and the interior is cotton; it's pretty soft though-kind of like the new dust bags.
  7. The lining of the mirror speedy looks like the same fabric that was used to line my epi speedy.
  8. It does seem very durable. I did try to scratch my clouchette, just to see if it would scrath and it didn't. Time will tell.
  9. depends on how you define "scratched up", like finger nails or hitting it to a concrete wall. It resisted my finger nails, but I doubt it's not going to scar when i drop it on a concrete road.
  10. True, but so would any matter what material was
  11. I wore my speedy out for an evening my sa was walking past me and grated his watch across it, no marks. I swear to god I freaked! LOL I also tried to scratch mine and nothing. After the whole night out I checked it in the daylight the next day and no so much as a scratch. So in my opinion its definately NOT a fragile bag. I was more concerned about if it would crease from having stuff in it..but so far it didnt.
  12. My SA said to definitely keep the cardboard in it when I wasn't using it.
  13. I actually replaced the cardboard with those air pockets for shipping. Easier in and out and holds the shape well. the cardboard is kind of hard getting in and out and I didnt like how much I had to torque the zipper to pull it out.
  14. ^ great tip Selena...I did not even think about the packing pockets! God knows I have a million of them! Thanks!
  15. The handles on my Papillon have scuff marks on them now from only one day of use. I think the rubbing of the handles together caused the marks. I was pretty bummed about it, but oh well.