material inside saleya pm

  1. Does anyone know the material inside the saleya PM? Is it like speedy or tend to be like a suede?
  2. same as the damier speedy i believe
  3. Red microfiber lining

    and in the damier speedy Red textile lining
  4. Sorry , I forgot to mention it is AZUR Saleya PM.
    I do prefer it to be mocrofibre. If it is textile, I will skip this choice.
    Thank you!
  5. Saleya Azur PM is lined in honey alcantara (microfiber).

  6. Thanks pinki :heart:
  7. hope this helps
    inside pm sayela.jpg
  8. Thanks a lot ,Fetish for your photo. I have seen it from the site too but couldn't notice the material from the photo.
  9. ya, honey/beige microfiber/alcantara