Material Girls

  1. I saw it last night it was cute.
    Lots of nice handbags Chanel, Balenciaga, LV.
    Not bad to watch with girlfriends!!!!
  2. cool! i will go watch it. :smile:
  3. I thought the plot was lacking, but I saw some great bags:
    -2 Balenciaga Weekenders (sorry B-bag fans, I don't know the correct color names, but one was like a seafoam and the other was a faded pink)
    -a LV keepall
    -an LV Damier Geant Aventurier in Sable
    -a black quilted Chanel
    -an LV Speedy (it was smaller, probably a 25)
  4. I saw the movie on saturday. There are only 8 people in the theater including hubby and me.
    Anyway, after seeing the girls running around with the weekender, I really want one now!
  5. ok i'll admit it, i totally dragged my boyfriend with me to see it the night it came out. haha. i loved it and i'll probably go see it again in the next few days with my girlfriends. i loved all the eye candy [the beautiful bags] in it and i totally want a balenciaga weekender now because they wore them so well. i also loved the chanel and the speedy 25. love love. go see this movie everyone!
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