Material Girls Bbag??*Picts please*

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  1. Hey girls, i'm new to balenciaga..Been wanting to get one .. I was watching material girls,the one with hilary duff and her sister and i noticed that they both had this giant bbag in pink and green in the scene where they had to stuff their clothes in when they escaped from the fire and jumping into the dumpster. anyone has any pictures or price or information on where to buy it ?? Thanks =)
  2. Found the pic! They look like Turqouise and Lilac Works or Weekenders to me... Anyone care to pipe in?

  3. i bought the DV because of the bags LOL honestly i did...
    i;m sure bout the lilac, but not sure about the turq... and yes, they're both weekenders.
  4. monsoon girl, nice detective job.:graucho: I love that Lilac and some day i will have one.:crybaby:
  5. Nanaz, you never just might be able to get one this weekend! Good luck on your Bbag hunting in NYC...
  6. Is that a fall '04 turq that looks a bit seafoamish?
  7. I posted a thread about this last year but couldn't find any pics I :heart: the lilac 04 weekender!
  8. LOL...I think that might be the Lilac Weekender from Hilary's personal collection...I have seen pics of her carrying it.
  9. i think i've also seen hillary in her real life carying a seafoam WE, could it be it?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. thanks girls!! you girls are so efficient lols, i just know i can count on you guys to steer me in the right direction. How much does it cost??? the retail price i meant.

    On a non relevant basis, did hilary used her own bags for the film? Looks like she did. =)
  12. The 04 lilac WE is gorgeous...saw one on eBay few days ago, i assume it has bee sold....on second look on 1st pic, it looks 04 turquoise color to me, the style is WE for sure.....hehehehe
  13. i think the one she wears IRL is a seafoam because of the silver hardware?
  14. yah, i agreed the 2nd pic is the seaform since it's silver hardware...hehehe