Matelasse sale bags and Cafe Box

  1. I called around and the pickings are very slim on sale bags at NM, Saks and Barneys. If anyone wants a medium Ivory Matelasse there is one at NM in Scottsdale, AZ and one at Bal Harbour, FL, $807.00. There is a black and a brown(either cinnamon of cafe, not sure? at:

    The bags at bagborrow or steal are lightly used and the prices not that great. I think they were around 11-1200.
    There is also a Cafe Box that looks like new and it was around 825.00.

    Lots of the suede & leather bags on sale at many stores for around 800-825.
  2. thanks powder! I'm actually tempted by that courier...
  3. Oh, the Box is so cute in Cafe. Too bad they don't ship international.

    Someone please get it and put me out of my misery!
  4. Thanks powder!!