Matelasse retail prices?

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  1. Does anyone know the retail prices of the Matelasse bags - esp. the mini Matelasse? Haven't seen them in any shops and am curious...
  2. I'm not sure that they are still being made. Overall, they didn't do too well, and a lot of them ended up on the *sale* tables. If I remember correctly, the retail was around $995 USD.
  3. The retail for the small size (bigger than yours) was originally $1795. The little make up versions were close to $900. I think your mini one was definitely more in the $1200 range. Of course, they've been on sale at various prices, depending on color.

    They are still doing new versions, including a matelasse flap for fall. Go figure.
  4. Oh yeah ... I remember seeing the picture of the Matelasse bag for '09!! When I first saw the style, I loved it ... ran right out and bought the "Medium" size (in Black) and then the Brown/Cafe one in the Large size (frankly - I prefer the larger size). I love them ... but they are kind of bulky. Having seen so many on the sales tables, I didn't think Bal would make them again.