matelasse pricing?

  1. I checked the reference section and ran a search but came up short...

    If anyone has the pricing on the various matelasse sizes, could you please post? Or direct me to a thread where this was already covered?

    Thank you!
  2. I think the medium retailed for around $1800 or so. the matelasse is a great bag!
  3. The Medium retails for $1795, the Small for $1195. I'm not sure about the large. I think $1995.
  4. I think this is correct. These styles have been on sale a lot, so take that into account.
  5. Tell me about it! Especially the Small Matelasse. I can't seem to give those away:sad:
  6. I feel a little bad because I paid full price for one, but they are really nice, underrated bags, IMO.
  7. I did get to check out the sizes today! at least two of them. A large sienna was on sale at Barney's (chestnut hill) for $799!!!! It was just way too big for me, but an gorgeous color on a gorgeous bag. I think I'll be looking for a small one after the new year:yes:
  8. Bluefly has them for a little over $1400. Bag borrow or steal also has some, $1350 and up.

    Aloha Rag has the medium at retail price $1795 in violet, marine, black, plomb and marron
  9. had them really marked down a few of months ago. Their prices seem to vary with colours & styles they are or aren't selling. I'd check that site every once in a while. I got a medium & large for $600 something. A deal you can't refuse.
  10. This past June I saw one at ShortHills, NJ Neiman Marcus for approx $800. I believe they bring them to those prices when they do their first cut sales.
  11. They have them on sale here in the UK, quite a few black medium ones in Harvey Nichols in Knighstbridge and small ones too in black I think they were around 600 for medium and 400 ish for small.
  12. That's £, not $.
  13. I have two size medium and love them. Great bags, but would not purchase for full price.
  14. Those were such a great deal! Maybe it'll happen again with some new colours!