Matelasse or Twiggy?

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  1. What you guys think? Matelasse or Twiggy? and why?
  2. TWIGGY!!!!! :love:the twiggy is sooo perfect, and cute, I love it. but if your into the MAtelasse its on sale at NM right now;)
  3. Yah I saw them on sale...and debating...thanks for you girls help in advance. :sweatdrop:
  4. I like the Twiggy.
  5. I :heart: matelasse! Love the dressy-ness but yet edgy look of its quilted design! And much more versatile than expected :yes:
  6. If it were my one and only bag, definitely Twiggy but I do love the Matelasse!
  7. Twiggy :tup: IMHO, Matelasse is too Chanel.
  8. I think twiggy is a classic style!
  9. twiggy, more balanciaga-esque IMO......
  10. The Matelasse never took off like its motorcycle counterparts. So imo, it's not even apples to apples. Go with the twiggy, it's gorgeous and practical.
  11. Im biased... *hehe* I never loved my ink twiggy, but I love my matelasse. The twiggy never sat on my shoulder right, and was too long for me.
  12. Twiggy:love:
  13. can be a shoulder bag, whereas the matelasse doesn't have good reviews in that respect.
  14. I like the lack of structure in the twiggy
    but maybe you prefer a structured bag?
  15. I voted for TWIGGY... I've never seen a Matelasse IRL before but then again when I ordered my cornflower TWIGGY - i didn't really know what to expect! BUT I totally :heart: the TWIGGY!!! It's a different shaped bag! It holds loads of stuff which is awesome and if its not filled to the rim (like mine) you can actually pop it on your shoulder! :smile: I dunno - theres just something about the shape that I like... GOOD LUCK on what ya decide!!! :wlae: