Matelasse or Matelasse Grande?

  1. I'm 161cm tall and am thinking of getting a matelasse. It'll be my first matelasse ever and i'd just like your opinion on what size would suit my frame. With Arena bags, i find the city most suited to my size so far.

    Your help most appreciated!
  2. Hi,
    Last time i tryd it when i was in the B-shop I am a male 1.83 and i tryd the grande. Thats almost the same size as the work and i felt like a work bag veryvery nice. So i think the medium is the size of the city. First when this bag came out i did not like it, but in real life its gorgeous.
    Good luck with Your decision.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  3. The regular is a similar size to the city -- the grande is very big. I am considering the grande for a travel bag, but the regular would be a great everyday bag.
  4. I also think the city is a better everyday bag.
  5. I actually loved the giant size of the grande when I was looking at them, it was OTT coolness. For an everyday "go to", it might be cumbersome though! Good luck!
  6. The bigger the better - grande! It looks so good in the Mat
  7. The medium Matelasse is pretty big in my opnion, but I'm 5'2...It seemed like it was 1.5x the size of a Twiggy.
  8. Does anyone have modelling pics of their med matelasse and matelasse grandes?

    The grande sounds big but i love my bags big! Is it heavy? I'm planning to get the white and follow it up with a black if i like it.