Matelasse Leather Hobo?

  1. I usually go for LV, but I'm in major lust with this bag :love:
    Having just returned a Chanel I bought & found out later that day that it was older than my SA told me & had dropped over 1K in value I don't want to get burned again. Has this bag in black/Noir been reduced or am I OK to pay full retail for it?

    Does anybody have an opinion on the flap, is it easy to access or a pain in the behind? This bag is so pretty in person that I kind of lose any sort of rational thought & look past obvious drawbacks :shame: Please help me out, thank you :flowers:
  2. No opinions on this pretty bag?



  3. Well, I have to tell you that I am probably the biggest fan of this bag on this forum!! I have owned up to 6 of the Coffer at one time!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this bag. I use the black (noir) as an everyday bag and fall in love with it more as every day goes by. The leather just gets softer and softer with use!

    The flap is not a problem and even better are the easily accessible front pockets. They are deep enough to place your essential items (keys, cell, etc.) but not soooo deep that you have "fish" for them. I will NEVER sell this bag, as I have others. The Coffer IMO is the absolute perfect bag and well worth it's $$.
  4. Just re-read your post. Are you looking to buy the Coffer in the ivory color? Just so that you are aware, the ivory is a very delicate color and cannot be worn with jeans of any color. The light colored leather absorbs color like a sponge. I have had several different colors of this bag and have found the darker ones to be much more practical. ;)
  5. Thank you miu2 :smile:

    I want the bag in black, I like to use my bags & would be terrified of a light color for everyday use. I am so glad you talked about the pockets, I hadn't realized that those were more than just decoration. Is it safe to get a black one now that the S/S colors are coming in or will it get marked down to make room? I want it, but don't want to get burned on the price if it's going to end up on the clearance table.
  6. Taco, Miu2 is the Coffer Queen - loves her several Coffers, as she well should! I also have one in brown -- LOVE this bag! The flap is easy to maneuver and as Miu said, the pockets are great and very useful. It's a great sized bag. There are several threads here on this bag and tons of pics, too.
    The Coffer remains a very popular Miu Miu style. I can't speak for the company's future pricing but the Coffer has been out for a couple of years now and we/ve yet to see the price drop. Hope this helps!
  7. I know that Barney's had this bag at an unbelievably LOW price a couple of weeks ago. A tPFer thought that she had purchased it and found that they had canceled her order afterall. I'll tell you that I rarely, if ever, have seen this particular bag on sale at any of the retail outlets, especially in black. I don't anticipate that it will be on any Clearance table soon. Every once in a great while you can find one on eBay, but for the most part, eBay offers only fake Coffers. If you are even considering eBay, PLEASE be sure to either post here for authenticity, or you can pm me for authentication. I will be happy to keep my eye out for you as well. Please let us know if you find one and/or buy one!! ;)
  8. Thank you again,
    I actually saw one at NM Friday & I loved the look of it so much that I'd probably already own it if I could've got some help :push: I think it was black, but with the lighting who knows. hopefully there will be an SA around Monday willing to help.
  9. NM?? I hope that you don't have to buy it through the Prada SAs. GOOD LUCK getting any help from their Prada Boutique!! I've been to 2 different Prada Boutiques in 2 different NM stores, several times each. DH and I are sickened every time we go to any of NM Prada stores! They are soooooo snotty and ALWAYS ignore us!! I have vowed to never buy another Prada from NM again! :cursing:
    But good luck to you. Maybe your stores have nicer SAs than the OC or San Diego stores here in CA do!! Please keep us posted!! ;)
  10. :wtf: Ahhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo,
    I was hoping it was just a bad day & not a regular thing with the SAs there. I have to get it there, I have a load of gift cards to use. I used half of them on a Chanel [that turned out to be a dud] & was planning on getting this bag with the rest. Hopefully my Chanel SA can help me find someone to sell me the Miu Miu :sad: