Matelassé Leather Crossbody Durability

Oct 9, 2006
Hi! I'm new to this brand, but have been looking at the small crossbody. To those of you who own one, how do you like it? Is it good for travel? How durable is it?


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Jun 18, 2012
I don't have this exact one but I have a small shopper tote that can only be worn as a crossbody. I've owned it for about 5 months and worn it quite a bit, primarily for travel. I've taken it on vacations to humid places like Hawaii to busy places like Las Vegas. I haven't had any problems.

I don't, however, wear it in the airport / on the plane. I worry about the lamb getting scuffed as I'm hauling my suitcases, etc. So, while I'd enthusiastically endorse it for when you land I'd be cautious about using it in hurried, congested environments.