Matelasse in white is gorgeous *pic*

  1. I've been looking at the Matelasse in black, but now seeing this beauty I'm undecided on what color to get. Do you like this bag in white? Since I have a white Twiggy should I get it in black?

  2. i am voting for black since you have a twiggy in white already. good luck!
  3. black! I have a marron matelasse and it's gorgeous!
  4. Very pretty! Go for it!!!
  5. I really love that bag in white. It's gorgeous.
  6. White is :drool: !!

    I chose to buy matelasse in black - it was a major purchase for me and I went with a more practical color. There was a white one on the floor at the same time and it was a hard choice between the two. At the end I think it will be difficult to clean the white quilting - dirt will find a way in those cushy crevices! Just something to keep in mind, though white is gorgeously luxurious!!
  7. Personally, i would go for black matelasse since u have already have one in white twiggy....:love: :love:
  8. Depends on your collection/wardrobe right now I am looking for a little smth in true white because I want smth that will match summerclothes now if you want an all year round bag go for black!