matelasse help!

  1. i'm thinking of getting a matelasse, but i'm not sure which size! i initially had my mind set on the large, as i preferred a shoulder bag and wasn't sure if the medium would fit. but after going through the threads on matelasse bags in the forum, i'm afraid that the grande may be too big! i've only seen pics of the medium one, and i've read that the large one is around the same size as the city, but i've never seen it irl or a pic of it being carried. does anyone have a large matelasse and have pics of it, or any comparison pics of it with the city? i'd like to carry it to school as well so i'm okay with it being bigger, but i'm not sure if it will seem too big on me! i'm 5'4 ;)
  2. The large is WAY bigger than a City. I think it's at least 3-4 City worths of space inside!!! Also, the matelasse in general seems a bit impractical for use as a school bag. Have you thought about the Courier or Work?
  3. Yeah, the large is HUGE and I find that with its boxy size, it just doesn't look good "on" in that size. I have the medium and it's is VERY roomy but it would have to be the last bag ever that I would choose as a school bag. I agree with FF, try a different style.