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  1. I was looking to purchase a Matelasse . I know there are two sizes.

    Can both be put over the shoulder? (if i get to lazy to carry it by my hand or forarm)

    Does anyone have both??? which do you like better?

  2. I have tried both on but I bought the smaller size. I managed to put the smaller one on better, both sizes do loose their shape though when carried on the shoulder! The larger size is huge though, a great bag if you carry a ton...although the smaller size is very roomy!
  3. Just a reminder so you don't get confused...the ones currently in circulation are actually the medium and large size. I have the medium and I can use it on my shoulder. The one picture I have seen of the small (which will be available in the 07 F/W collection), it doesn't look like it will work on the shoulder, but I have only seen it in pictures. If you would like to see the photo of the small one, pm lovelygarments and she can email it to you!
  4. I am having the same problem as you. IMO the small doesnt look big enough but everyone on tPF says the Grande is too big so I am stumped!
  5. I don't actually own a matelasse, but I have tried them on in the store several times. The medium size does fit on my shoulder, but not comfortably, which is why I've always decided against purchasing it. It is very boxy and the width of the bag made it awkward when I put the handles on my shoulder. If you can, I'd try them on for yourself to see how they work on you.

    As for size, I personally think the large looks like luggage. The medium is plenty big enough unless you carry a ton of stuff.
  6. I agree w/Deana, the medium can be worn on the shoulder. Deana, where did you see pics of the small? I would love to see these! Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know how to identify a knock-off Matelasse and a authentic one? :confused1:
  8. :smile:
    lovelygarments has pics of the f/w bags coming out, but the file was too large to upload here on the pf, if you would like me to email it to you, you can pm me your direct email address and I can send it to you! I was really excited to see pictures of the small matelasse!!!
  9. I don't think the Large look like luggage at all.. It really IS HUGE, but to me it is cool! :yes:

    I tried it on in Holly G. two days ago and it fit perfectly over the shoulder and I just wanted it...:drool: It looks so good!!! (Did not - and will not - too expensive in Denmark!!)
  10. If you are petite than the large may look like luggage on you. The medium IMHO is a great size. It does fit on my shoulder when I tried it on but it is wide and I don't know that I would be comfortable to wear it like that all the time.
  11. The 'GRANDE' (large) is quite big ... most people would be fine with the MEDIUM size. However, while I can fit the MEDIUM snugly over my shoulder, the GRANDE was meant to be carried on the shoulder as it is so much larger and would allow the wearer to carry that much more *stuff* (which could cause one to break their lower arm :roflmfao:!). I agree with the other folks ... if you are petite in stature, the GRANDE size may be a bit overwhelming!
  12. At 5'8" I am not petite and the large totally looked like luggage on me! :nuts: It is seriously huge. You might think, "Oh, but I like big bags." That's what I thought but with the shape of this one, it just looked awful (on me). Trust us when we say the medium is plenty big! It's much bigger than it looks in pics.
  13. i have the medium and while it does fit over my shoulder, it's not the most comfortable way to wear the bag. the large is HUGE and very cool. i can't wait to see what the smaller size will look like!
  14. I agree. I was checking it out at NM yesterday too. I was very tempted to buy it, but in the end, the large size really was the only thing that stopped me from getting it. I think the width of the bag is a bit wide and the only way to wear that bag is carrying it. The width of the bag makes it awkward to carry. :shrugs: