Matelasse - anybody have one? I think I need one!

  1. I have been eyeing a black Matelasse for a while now. Anybody have one? If so can you let me know how you like (love) it? Any input will be appreciated.
  2. I want one too. I want to get one from Diabro. Sometime for/in Spring!!
  3. I have one! I will try to post pics tomorrow. I received it from Barneys last week. Here are my opinions as I decide what I am going to do with mine. I also got a maroon day bag. Very urban, so if you like quilted but feel Chanel or MJ is too classic for your taste, it is a grat compromise. Very lightweight. Fits great over the shoulder. My only issue is how wide it is. When you set it down it looks pretty large, but when you put it on your shoulder, and lower your arm, the bad deflates and squishes flat. I joke that the bag is like a jet-puf marshmallow!! It is puffy and wide when you set it down, and it just poofs up with air when you are not sqeezing it. I am so torn. I do love that it is different and unique. Just not sure if I prefer it over the maroon day.
  4. Triplets - is yours the medium? And when you do take pics, please take pics of you wearing it on your shoulder - I want to see how it looks when worn that way.
  5. Hi There... I would be given on seeing the photos too, as I am looking to get one in the next week or so... just doing the research now and haven't seen one IRL.