Matelasse accessories on sale at NM!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just came back from Neiman Marcus Fashion Island and they have some Matelasse Accessories on the extra 25% off sale tables! I'm not sure how to describe how the accessories look like, but basically they look like a flat, square-shaped toiletries case with a zip around. They are large enough to carry like a clutch and very smooshy! There are 2 Siena and more than 4 white/chalk colored ones. I think they are going for a little under $500....with an additional 25% off. HTH someone!
  2. Thanks for the post:nuts:!!! I hope I call in time to get one:sweatdrop:...
  3. thanks for sharing gee- I think those clutches are so adorable!
  4. I got a siena Matelasse clutch from NM, Newport Beach. It's so cute. could be a night or day bag. I will use it as a clutch. :love: