matelasse, a classic?

  1. after looking at fromparis's gorgeous grande black matelasse, i'm tempted to get one myself too!! however as some of you may know, i've been contemplating a WORK for quite some time you girls think i should go for the grande matelasse (as it is cheaper) or just wait and save up for the classic work?? i really really need a large bag..for work as well as you think matelasse is gonna be a classic style?? thanks!!
  2. I think the matelasse is gorgeous but the WORK is perfect for...well, work! It's large, functional and how can you resist buying a large handbag with lots of gorgeous smooshy leather? I also think the moto line is so classic and will always be in style. :tup:
  3. I love the matelasse, even more from the moment I've been able to bury my nose in it:p. It has gorgeous leather, and maybe there is one thing that makes it a better choice than the classic Work: it is much stiffer, the handles are slightly pebbled which seems to add some more resistance to them and the quilting assures that the bag does not loose its shape if stuffed with heavy things. I would assume that it could house a smaller laptop and many, many books, whilst it might not be the correct shape if you have to carry lots of A4 papers...
  4. I once purchased the smaller Matelasse in french blue and although I LOOOOVEd the color the sides would fold in a way where it bugged me.. then the quilting started to remind me of my classic Chanel.. I obviously returned it. The large Matelasse is HUGE (luggage?)!! Make sure to check it out IRL first... I just got a WORK and I'm in mad love! Goodluck and let us know what you decide:smile:
  5. Bite the bullet & go with the work.... dont buy somthing just because the price is cheaper, because in my case.. I always end up spending more.. buying what I thought would save me money.. then buying want I originally wanted afterwards.. :noggin:
  6. I say go with the Work. I think that the Matalesse isn't as classic as the work and it reminds me of a Chanel knockoff.
  7. I think the Work from the moto range will always be an Icon. I am not so sure about the Matalesse. I like the look of the large Mat, but when compared to the Work, the Work will be the Icon in years to come. If I could rock an Aqua Mat, I would get it. I love that one!

  8. I concur. Get a Work or a Chanel.
  9. i agree with the majority. go for the work. it will be more practical (if you can really say that about $1K bags) for work and school. The matelasse is a beautiful style, but may be too fancy for everyday use. ( i saw my first one IRL on vacation in aqua.... yum) but as for functionality, i would def recommend the Work. also, i agree... leave the quilting style to chanel.... well simply becuase it's chanel. (thinks of the baby cabas...)
  10. ^^^ oops. i meant caviar. (yeah i need to brush up on my chanel)
  11. I have seen the grande Matelasse and like malleysmama said, it is HUGE. But Matelasse is very classic and I'm sure I'd get one myself soon.
  12. ITA! :tup:
  13. ITA :tup: with LG.... it's a gorgeous bag but for work and school, the WORK is sooo much more practical coz of the zip and size...

    and personally, the matelasse even though its gorgeous and looks gorgeous on alot of people, personally I'm not a fan of it... it's too "boxy" for me... and if I wanted another quilted bag... I'd go with Chanel :graucho: (I can see alot of matelasse lovers running after me to :bagslap: me now with their matelasse!)

  14. I love my black matelasse bag (medium, not grande) and do think it is a classic style. For your purposes I do agree that the work bag is a better choice. Matelasse is more of a handbag while the work bag is more of a tote for work/school. IMO. :yes:
  15. I think the Work is a better choice for what you are going to be using it for. I think the Grande matelassé will be too bulky and too much like luggage, and you might feel a little self conscious carrying it around. Also, it is not as practical for putting on your shoulder ... it wouldn't flatten out as much at the top as the Work does, especially if you've got it stuffed.