"Matchy Matchy" or Rainbow?

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  1. Despite all the fashion trends that say don't match I am a tried and true co-ordinator - I like to match! However all these beautiful H colours are getting to me and I have a big decision to make - its time for a wallet.

    I recently purchased an etoupe bolide in chevre mysore and already it is clear that this is going to be my everyday bag so I am prepared to build around it. I found a beautiful small H notebook in etoupe with shocking rose on the inside and I love it. I then stumbled across a rose longchamp makeup bag which matched almost perfectly.

    I am loving the etoupe and shocking rose combo I have going on and its time for an H wallet - the big question is should I go for etoupe which is where I am leaning or should I start my rainbow and go for it? I have seen a really nice violet bearn that has caught my eye but the etoupe bearn is such a classic.

    I am a traditionalist at heart - hence the etoupe bolide (and the gold kelly and the navy and toile herbag and all my very classical designed scarves). Also I have to plan and budget for all my larger H purchases and I do so knowing I will have them for a very long time.

    Totally confused but really itching for a new wallet ... Any and all advice greatfully appreciated!

    Should I build a rainbow or go for the classic match? :sweatdrop::shrugs::sweatdrop::shrugs:
  2. I enjoy both.....Happy H hunting!
  3. Rainbow.

    1) Contrasting colours would make it easier to find inside your Bolide.
    2) Gives you the pleasure of trying out another Hermes colour and possibly skin. The experience will open up more options for your future choices in bags and other accessories.
  4. I would have a very hard time resisting the rainbow, especially as almost anything goes with etoupe!

    What a fun dilemma to have!
  5. I agree with mrss. I'm a neutral bag person (black/etoupe/cream/red). But the rainbow inside allows me to thoroughly enjoy the myriad of colours available, even if I would not choose them for my bags. Nobody does colours like Hermes.
  6. I loooooovvvvveeee etoupe!

    On the other hand, a violet wallet would be easy to locate! Hope that helps! :rolleyes:
  7. I totally understand your dilemma. Rather than match, I coordinate. I LOVE seeing everyone's rainbows and I have somewhat of a rainbow working in my own bag, BUT ONLY if it "goes" with my bag. Since your bag is etoupe it's pretty much going to "coordinate" with everything except maybe the greys.

    I don't pick a color I wouldn't like if it were in a bag. For instance, I would never have a bag in any of the blues so I wouldn't like an accessory in blue.

    That said, I think a violet bearn would be SO YUMMY and easy to find inside your bag, too.

    GOOD LUCK and have FUN!!!
  8. This is all such great advice - thank you all!!:heart::heart::heart:

    coleigh - thanks it certainly will be hunting if I go the rainbow route
    mrssparkles - these are both excellent points and I do love different leathers
    maniacalmollie - you are right etoupe does go with a lot
    ms piggy - nice to hear someone else likes neutrals too
    luv2shopandbag - I haven't regretted the etoupe at all love it love it love it
    irishlas1029 - yes, violet would be easy to find

    Think I am leaning even more to the rainbow ... oh dear ... its a bold step for me - better sleep on it.
  9. violet!!!!
  10. I would go for the rainbow. Violet would be lovely.
  11. I would go for a rainbow. I am sure the violet is luscious.
  12. I agree with coordinating, different colors, still matching the bag. I just like to mix colors so you can find things easily.
  13. Violet is a great idea for the Bearn!
  14. Definitely the rainbow...nobody does colors like H.
  15. TankerToad, lulilu, ShockingPink, Zoopla, Periogirl, Hermesmonkey thank you all for your words of wisdow ... OK there is a real trend happening here!

    Anyone out there care to offer the other side of this argument - an etoupe wallet for my etoupe bolide?? I need to hear the opposing counsel on this one too to make sure I make the right choice.