1. Help me please! Im thinking of outfits to wear this school year, and I think im overdoing the whole matching thing, im surprised im not wearing all one color out these days. I plan to wear some stuff that guys normally wont wear, like black nail polish (for that sexy black nail look), im planning to wear Dior Glossy sunglasses (big circular ones), lipgloss!, more make up to enhance self but nothing drag, and a couple other things. Im also wearing more black, since I wear too much brights and browns. But when I think of matching I think of shoes/slippers, belt/cuffs, bags/backpacks (ugh hs), sunglasses, and metals all matching in color and style. I know its too much, so help me break that!!! tell me what is ok to match without overdoing it, HELP ME BREAK MATCHING! :crybaby:

    tell me how you girls & guys match on the daily basis. Do you guys even match? if so do tell!
  2. I like my metals to match.

    I'm not super matchy-matchy. I'd rather coordinate. Much less contrived that way.

  3. I second that. I :heart: unpredictable (in a fab way).
  4. Of course you can post some proposed outfits...

    I match tones or metals. I.e. earthy tones or dark colors, sometimes mixing black and brown. I'm not much of a bright color person though.

    I think for guys though sometimes matching can work in a way that it doesn't nec. for women, i.e. a friend's cousin wore turquoise pants, shirt, and tinted glasses - it was really hot - he was middle eastern so it also really worked with his complexion.

    Maybe you could add a pop of color to what you wear to mix it up? Nm, I see that you wear color, which I bet works with your skin tone. Maybe more black clothes/acces. then?
  5. Ditto. I'm so self-conscious about NOT doing the "matchy-match" that it killed me to wear gold metallic sandals the other day since I'm still carrying my new gold metallic Prada bag, even though both were perfect with what I was wearing. I felt like I'd been transported back to 1962 all day long!! :Push:
  6. the only thing I match are metals and belt color to shoe color.
  7. I second, third, fourth, etc. the matching metals! If thats not possible I dont even bother wearing any short of metal (jewelry, belt, etc) but other than that I dont really stress over matching that much.

    However, my shoes have to match something else on me whether it be my shirt or bag or belt (although I rarely wear belts) or what have you. lol Once I just said :censor: it and justified my wearing black shoes by saying they matched my hair :P
  8. I used to be obsessive about matching my metals. But then I got a two tone movado, a two tone david yurman bracelet, and a two tone bezel set diamond pendant. With those as my staples, I feel more at ease mixing in solid gold or silver. Of course some things just clash badly -- like big bronze pendants and a little silver bracelet or something. But I don't worry much about matching, for example, the buckle on my bag to the metal in my watch anymore.

    Basically, I just like everything I have on or am carrying at a given time to "look nice" together and "flow" -- they don't need to match, but they just shouldn't clash flagrantly.
  9. lol my god im soo ashamed to say i usually fall out of bed, fall into shower, come out of shower and throw on clothes that half match. I have to dress smart for school though so its usually black trousers and my shoes usually match my top in some way, like if my top has splashes of green in ill try and wear green shoes etc.. and i usually use my Vuitton bag everyday, although it'll be gucci next term :biggrin:
    one essential everyday for me is heels though, im too small to not wear heels and the classes i take are mostly made up of male students and well me so i need all the height i can get lol
  10. I'm with you on this one MandM. It used to be quite gauche to mix metals, but when two-tone hit the market, the old rules flew out the window. My wedding ring is two-tone as is my diamond bracelet. My ruby bracelet is yellow gold. My second piercing diamond studs are platinum. These are on me every day. Other items of jewelry (earrings in the first pierce, other bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces, etc.) I will go either white metal or yellow gold, mostly depending on my mood.

    Today I have my Gucci snakeskin mules with the gold pyramid heels and gold leather trim:[​IMG]

    but the metal on my belt buckle is white. It works b/c all my other two-tone stuff.

    So basically I'm two-toning it no matter what I put on!
  11. Thaaaaanks everyone, I havent been on lately soo sorry for the late response!

    Ok so far, I guess im doing good on the matching metals thing! most of you girls do it! So now, from what I understand, its ok to match a few things like belt to shoes, or shoes to shirt, or shoe to purse, its more matching of accessories not really clothing. Im going to try this! hahaha just as long as things flow together and dont clash right?

  12. I completely agree, MandM! I also love the mixed metal jewelry look.
    I agree with the other posts as well about not being too matchy-matchy. It's way too stiff and forced looking, IMO. But I do always try to at least coordinate my belt/shoes/bag: black belt + black shoes + black bag, for example. Or with browns, as long as they're in the same ballpark that's OK to not be exact.