Matching with the Fuchsia/Green Denim Line

  1. Those of you who own one of these bags do you find it hard to match to your outfits? Or do you just go with anything

    I still have not worn my pink baggy gm and now I'm wondering if it will be hard to match.

    Fuchsia is MUCH louder than green so I'm wondering if I should be more careful with what I throw on with it.

    Please help people--I'm trying to convince myself to keep this bag but the mathcing thing is not helping. :lol:
  2. I rarely ever match my bag to my outfit. Too much work :lol: Just wear it! Regardless of what you're wearing, it's such a cute bag that it will work with practically any outfit.
  3. Ditto! I used to match but don't have the time anymore. I wear my fuchsia reade all the time and it is much brighter than the fuchsia denim! :biggrin: I do tend to buy clothes that match whatever bag I'm carrying though ... last fall I was carrying my gunmetal leather Coach bag and I just pulled out my fall clothes, they're all varying shades of teal!
  4. Yeah, I usually don't give much of a hoot about matching either.... but FUCHSIA??

    Its loud. LOL :lol:

    That's why I was wondering :yes:
  5. I wear the fuschia and the green with whatever I'm wearing. The bags are too cute to not go with an outfit. Wear them with anything and don't worry!:yes:
  6. You should keep the bag since the colour is being discontinued. I have the fuchsia baggy pm and have not had trouble matching it. It can brighten up an outfit if you are wearing dark colours. I have worn it with my black, beige, and brown tops.
  7. I have the green and it goes with practically anything.
  8. Agreed... green goes with everything!

  9. ^^You may be right. i called 1866 vuitton to be nosey and they said there were only abuot 200 left in the US.

    Maybe I should just keep it. :yes:

    Perhaps I was over thinking the whole matching issue :lol:
  10. LOL, it's LV, who says it has to match!! :graucho:
  11. Yups, i think LV matches with everything.
  12. ************
    I'm back on this again. I still have not worn my baggy gm.
    Are they still available or have :shrugs: they sold out?
  13. I never match :shame:
  14. wear neutral colors, and then let the fuschia do all of the talking!
  15. You should check out Star3777's collection and see what she does. Maybe you go shopping with you GM so you can find clothes for it?