Matching wallets, what to do

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  1. I just saw a matching wallet for my IF "Audra" - It's on Adasa for $155.00 I would love to get it but I don't wear my Audra every day, I change bags - so how do you handle the wallet situation, keep changing wallets as you change bags? That is way too much of a hassle!!!
  2. I change but am a throw and go girl so I use coin cases and wristlets to keep it simple. I love to use the matching accessories so I can relate to what a pain it is to move stuff all of the time. I need a chloe wallet to go with my paddinton but keep missing it when its in stock. My vote ~~ go with the wallet as long as you are going to use it often if not use one that is close.
  3. i don't like to be too matchy-matchy. i have a fendi brown zucca wallet that i always use and i love. i have actually stopped myself from buying other fendi zucca bags because i don't want to look like i sprung for the whole set all at once. i think it's a lot more new and fresh to mix things up, so go for whatever wallet you love!

    i'm getting a louis vuitton koala pm agenda for christmas and i carry a lime green coach mini skinny on my keys and i don't care that none of that matches, lol. i mean how often does someone see my wallet? maybe i'm a crazy lady. actually, i probably am...
  4. I change bags 3-4 times a day depending on where I'm going, I could not keep up with the matching wallets hahaha :lol: I usually just use my Dior Paris 50s saddle wallet :biggrin:
  5. I have such a hard time finding a wallet that really meets my needs with the right amount of room and the right kind of storage and closure, I can't imagine finding multiples, in different styles, that would do the job. I have a Paul Smith wallet that has tons of credit card slots, a good sized zipper section for coins, two open sections for bills and the whole thing zippers shut. I love Paul Smith but I can't see carrying one of his signature stripe bags (it could be a bit much). So I carry the wallet in whatever bag I'm using.
  6. i'm the same way, i looked for the perfect wallet for a good two years before i found my perfect fendi and there's no way i would be able to find one to match each of my bags.
  7. i had a perfect and i mean PERFECT burberry wallet :sad: I had it for four years before it actually got pick-pocketed out of my bag!!!!!!!!! Dont ask how!!! its still a mystery to me!!! :sad:
    that was last summer and i still cant find one that fit my needs exactly the same way!! and i feel too pathetic buying the exact same one again
  8. I change purses pretty frequently, but keep the same accessories. I have an LV planner (which holds all my credit cards, etc), and until about two weeks ago, a Marc Jacobs wallet (that was pickpocketed) for cash and coins.
  9. I like your thinking! And I think you are right on!
  10. I'd buy the same one again! Losing your wallet is shocking enough to your psyche, I'd take comfort in having the same one back again.
  11. i have a few basic wallets that i rotate (you know, a basic black, a signature, a metallic, etc) depending on the bag or my mood, but its pretty infrequently that i change them. i'm not into the matchy matchy either, even though i have a bag that matches my signature wallet i don't carry them together
  12. I usually rotate my bags but hardly ever with wallets. Taking things out of my wallet is such a hassel since I might lose a credit card or some important receipts. Don't laugh but I view my current Coach wallet as my "security blanket" but I'm thinking of updating it to a black LV Epi wallet soon. :love:
  13. I'm picky about wallets too. I've had the same black croc Monsac wallet for a couple of years now, am hoping Hubby gets me the Coach wallet I've been eyeing for a few weeks (printed the page off the website for him, with some guys it's better if you just let them know exactly what you want).
  14. Suzyz, I just got a recieved the IF whip flash wallet that you are talking about from adasa! It is absolutely beautiful as the bag and matches perfectly! I know some people are not into the matchy matchy but for me it depends on the bag and the rush I'm in. But for the IF audra, this wallet is so essential for it! I actually got myself an IF audra on ebay, paying the premium :sad2: but it was worth it! I just love the set. The wallet is a good size and it has 12 credit card slots! If fits my needs b/c I have alot of credit cards and the wallet has so many pockets. There is an inner zipped pocket that you could put your coins in or there is the outer pocket with the buckle that flaps open that you could put your coins in too! I opted to put my most used credit cards in that flap pocket and the coins inside! I hope I helped you in your choice. If you have questions I'll answer them! I just love this wallet and will use it with my other purses as well!
  15. I don't switch wallets, I have the same one I've had for a while. It's a Sanrio Keroppi vinyl wallet. I love Sanrio stuff :love: But it's pretty small, so I've been looking around for something larger.