Matching Wallets....a must or no?

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  1. Ok, so I always feel weird if I buy a purse and don't get a matching wallet. I just got a gucci Horsebit and don't have a wallet to go with it. Does anyone else feel weird using a bag if you don't have the wallet to go with it? All my purses...well for the exception of the Gucci, and a Dooney I just got have matching wallets. I kind of feel naked if it doesn't have the wallet to go with it. What do you think? A must...or not such a big deal? Thanks ya'll!:biggrin:
  2. honestly i don't care if my wallet matches the bag, anyway i always but wallets with colours such as black, dark brown or bordeaux, but this is beacuse i like them like that.
  3. not only is it NOT a must, but i'd rather not have a matching wallet. looks way materialistic and unoriginal to me. i have one wallet, a fendi zucca checkbook-sized bifold, and it goes in everything. i'm thinking about getting an LV ludlow so it's easier to carry smaller bags, but i dunno.

    carry what you love, not what you think you need to have! if you truly love matching wallets, go back and get a gucci, but if you're just buying them because you think some rule says you have to have one, then forget it and put the money towards a new bag. IMO, wallets are way overpriced for what you actually get. $500 for a tiny LV koala vernis wallet, or $550 for a speedy? the answer to that one is easy in my head.
  4. That is very true....the wallets are as much as the actual handbags....what is up with that? I agree...I think I'll just get a brown leather wallet so I can use it with a bunch of different purses. I think my SIL thinks I am materialistic having Gucci', and Louis'...but I don't care. Thanks for your "ok." LOL, really I wanted to know what you guys thought! Thanks so much! Brandy
  5. I love it when my wallet is matching my bag but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be of the sam brand. It can mean the same colour e.g. I bought an epi red wallet to go with my mc white lodge and this matches perfectly because of the rich colour. My mono wallet matches the rest of my bags( they are all mono)
  6. no problem at all, sometimes we all just need to ask what the general consensus is because it's hard to know what others are thinking, especially on a subject as elusive and subjective as fashion! enjoy your newfound savings from not buying all those wallets!
  7. I think this is like the matching bag/shoes thing. Some people think it's a MUST, others thing it's a DON'T. I think it helps if they're somwhat "compatible"--but you shouldn't have to do the matchy/matchy thing if you don't want to.
  8. I only use an LV agenda, so I guess the answer is "no" for me. I figure no one can see through my bag, so no big deal.
  9. I dont really care if the bag and wallet match :biggrin:
  10. I only have one LV mono canvas wallet and I use it with ALL my bags. I would go mental:wacko: if I had to transfer ALL my CC and IDs into a different wallet every time I change my bag!!!
  11. i never have matching wallets... i always buy bags in neutral tones like browns, taupes, and blacks and then get a wallet in a bright color like pink or purple... this way its not impractical because i can use it forever and it doesn't have to match
  12. I am the same exact way! I use my LV mono canvas wallet with every bag (except for when I use a pochette or clutch). Then I'll switch to a little coin purse or a money clip/credit card holder.
  13. I have to match either the designer or the same color and fabric. Once you basically have a black, white, tan, brown your pretty good. I just think it does not look good to have wallet that totaly does not go with your bag. My ratio of wallet to purses is about 2 to 1. Of course clutches and evening bags don't count since you don't use wallets in them.

    It does suck that the wallets are almost as much as the purses though.
  14. I don't care if the wallet's hard enough for me to fine a wallet big enough to hold all of my cards.
  15. I think it's a must if your bag is designer. Because I once saw someone with a fake LV, and my friend said "It's fake." I was all how did you know? She stated simply, if you have the money for Louis Vuitton, you have the money for a wallet. So, now, I feel paranoid people would say that of me, so if I get a bag from a designer I never bought from, I also get the wallet. It's your choice, though.