Matching Wallet?

  1. Hey everyone! Well for the past few weeks I have been debating about the wallet that is suppose to match the Classic Flap. When I ordered my bag the SA said she had the matching wallet, but I didn't want to buy it without looking at it first. So I figured I could come on TPF and find it but no luck. I've even done a search. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!:yes:
  2. Here is a wallet I bought to match my classic flap...
    Chanel 1.jpg Chanel 6.jpg IMG_1186.JPG IMG_1188.JPG
  3. Here is another one that looks like the classic flap borrowed from Bretiny...
    Classic Wallet.jpg

  4. I LOVE that wallet in lambskin!!!:love:
    I love wallets as much as I do the handbags-----:yes:
  5. Does that come in black too ?
  6. ^^ I believe I've seen it in black as well.
  7. I love your wallet. Is it caviar?
  8. Yes, my SA called it soft caviar.

  9. Skinny, I think this the same wallet that I sent you pics of last night. It's a nice wallet and if I wouldn't have found the PNY wallet, I would have bought this in cavier for sure.

    Good luck on your search.
  10. ^^Yes, Debbie I think it is too...thanks so much for your help. I haven't been able to figure out if it comes in white. Does anyone know? ...if not I guess I will have to find something else...