Matching shoes with your LV bags??

  1. Im a big LV fan especially their bags. Everytime I get a new LV bag I would try to find matching shoes to go along with them. But I notice that LV shoes are not comfortable, especially the pairs that are made from the LV monogram canvas. I own four pairs of LV shoes. I'm a whore when it comes to fashion so I rather suffer..I'm guilty! Do any of you guys have the same problem with your LV shoes?
  2. Nope, I buy the mules which are extremly comfy!

    Most everyone here has seen this pic....but you can tell, I love them!

  3. ^^^
    Wow I love all of your mules!,they look hot!.
  4. TDF!!! I love all your shoes!!!! :drool:
  5. WOW I love your shoe collection! I would love to wear LV shoes but I think I have too wide of a foot for shoes like that, but I would if I could.
  6. omg i love mules & i absolutely love your lv mules tink:love: ! i find almost all shoes uncomfortable but i always feel comfortable in mules!
  7. LV shoes are not the most comfortable for me either but I still buy and wear them!:p

  8. :love: :love: :love:

  9. Sadly me too.

    My feet hang over these mules but the thong shoes are good,there are some really padded ones in store at min.
  10. Tink, your LV shoe collection is TO DIE FOR!!! HOLY COW!!!:nuts: You are my hero! I've only seen one other member on tPF have this many LV shoes (too bad she got banned :sad: ).
  11. I only have 2 pairs, the black MC flats and the white MC wedges and the wedges are the most uncomfortable. I love the look of them but they give me a blister on my little toes.
    But anyway when I did wear them, I either wore them with white pants so the pants hung down over the shoe and they were partially covered, or I'd wear capris and just carry my pochette so it wasn't logo overkill.
  12. My new LV sneeks fit great. I think they feel awesome when I walk.
    Very cosy!
  13. I love seeing a woman matching her purse with her shoes. I think its classy!
  14. Wow!! Fantastic LV shoe collection!!!!!:drool:
  15. Some collection like Demin - matching shoes and bag would be nice. I'm not sure about Monogram Mirior.