Matching Sets or Individual Pieces

  1. So...when I first started making jewelry I made everything matching and that's how I sold a set. Matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet. My mom didn't like this so I actually listened to her for once ;) and started pricing things separately.

    What do you prefer? Do you prefer to buy the set all together at once? Or do you like to just get a necklace by itself with no matching earrings or bracelet?

    It seems hit and miss. Some people buy a necklace and ask me to make special matching earrings...and some don't seem to care.

    I kind of like to wear matching but not exact matches. Like I wear this pretty pink coral double strand necklace with a large Thai tribe pendant but the earrings I wear are just a couple pieces of tiny coral. So they kind of match but not exactly. And I don't wear a matching bracelet.

    How about you??? :smile:
  2. not matching for me.
    I don't like necklaces so a set would cost me money I don't need to spend.
  3. ^^^ Yea, I just buy pieces. I may like the earrings (I love earrings), but not the bracelet because I don't wear a lot of bracelets.
  4. I buy separate pieces...I suppose you could price them seaparate, but also state if you buy the set you can give the purchaser a break in price. That may motivate someone as well to purchase a set.
  5. I prefer to buy individual pieces.
  6. I like buying individual pieces. Sometimes I want matching earrings, etc. and sometimes not.
  7. I prefer buying things seperately. I rarely wear jewellry as a set and prefer to mix and match with things that I may have.
  8. i think matching is a bit OTT for me. i like to metals and style match (chunky with chunky, dainty with dainty) but not the actual design. but i don't really change my jewelry either....i'm more about "signature pieces" when it comes right down to it.
  9. for big jewelery only sets(necklace, ring ,earrings, bracelet or earrings and ring or necklace and bracelet etc)) but i also love signature pieces as everyday jewellery but still they have to match style metal and stonewise ;) (for example bold whitegold ring with pavé the earrings also have to be big and bulky and whitegold and pavè)
  10. Everyday (i.e. work, casual): individual pieces, sets are OK but not diamond set all the way through - one distinct diamond piece is enough.

    Evening: definitely sets for maximum 'in-you-face' effect, LOL! It's the appropriate occasion to show off and individual pieces no matter how coordinated they are do not stand out as much as the proper set.

    P.S. But complete set (i.e. bracelet, earrings, necklace all together at once) is a no-no for me, looks like I try to hard. I like earrings and necklace together :smile:
  11. I think for most people the consensus is separate pieces...and I pretty much agree with that. Of course my mother is right...but I won't tell her that! LOL :smile:
  12. I also don't like being matchy-matchy. I find I invest in a lot of David Yurman and John Hardy since all their pieces coordinate so well. For special one of a kind necklaces, I tend not to wear earrings and vice versa. I want people to notice me, not just my jewelry.
  13. I have a few sets, like my Roberto Coin, that I just :heart: . But than I have other, one of a kind pieces I've made that would probably be overwhelming in a set.

    I think it's fun to do it either way. I'd be more likely to buy pieces alone.
  14. I like separate pieces. Jewelry that matches exactly looks very stiff and forced worn all together, IMO. I like to coordinate things but put my own unique spin on it by matching it MY way ;) .
  15. i buy separate pieces as well. and i usually buy earrings. not much of a bracelet girl since it just gets in the way when im working.

    imo, sometimes its too much to wear a set. you could wear a necklace and a bracelet that came from a set, but just not with earrings. or earrings and then bracelet.