matching qees

  1. I know some of you match qees to your bags. May I ask which qees you match to which prints? What would you match to a citta and also an adios star? Thanks!
  2. On my adios I have the peperocino keychain, and I interchange it with the magenta cat qee. It makes the qee color pop. On my paradiso I use the silver bear qee.
    They have the hawaii qee at my local Giantrobot but it's blind box and I dont think I want to get stuck with a qee that I dont like that I paid 8 bucks for :tdown:.
  3. I have the toxic swamp yellow cat that will go to my pirata once I get it, the hawaii qee w/ a brokey head that should go to my spiaggia once I fix it, and a hellboy for my inferno

    when I get vacanze then I'll probably put the meomi qee on it :smile: and the new adios qee should go on my adios star (which currently has teh little rocket gloomy which I forgot the name for)
  4. The only thing I have is my HAPPY qee from qeester that's on my Amore Gioco lolz.
  5. Oooh I would love to see pics of everyone's bags with their different qees!
  6. me too!!! what does hellboy look like?
  7. the links are awesome!!! thanks!!!
  8. i only have the sugar daddy kidrobot yummy donut on my foresta stellina :lol:..and thats not a qee lol
  9. lol... I ended up getting 2 blind boxes when I ordered my KR board member tee (gonna wear it to SDCC)... they were the two yellow ones! I forget the names right now tho
  10. what KR board member tee??? lol hmm you got miss tart (jelly) or honey (donut)? :graucho:
  11. I keep the original qees on my bags and put the accent qee on the other leather loop...

    I have the metallic magenta cat qee on my OP bella bella, the Doggie qee on my olive Camo bella bella, and the Hawaii qee on my Spaiggia zucca.

    I want to get the Pepo qee for my Foresta BV, the Color qee for my Inferno MM, and the Daydreamer qee for my Paradiso gioco.

    I want the Bear Whale qee for my future Trasporto zucca and the Key qee for my future Tutti zucca or bambinone (I haven't decided which one yet).
  12. This tee-

    If i visit the booth w/ this on at SDCC they'll give me something :yahoo:

    And I got both yellows lol... so yes miss tart (I thought that was the name but i wasnt sure ;)) and honey
  13. cool..too bad i wont be there :sad: hehehe..

    cool you got the two hard donuts to find ;) besides the mister blue, cris cringle, double stuff and the donut with a bite :lol:...i want mister blue! think there will be any at SDCC??
  14. what does the color qee look like?