Matching Purse & Shoes Sets

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  1. So I'm completely anal and have to my shoes match my bag...why not Coach right? They always make coordinating shoes. Now I need to find some heels that I really like but here's what i have so far.

    I just got my new valari's::

    This was my first matching pair the bronze demi hobo and Kate's::

    The margots don't quite match exactly with the legacy tote, but you can get away with it::

    I know the perfect shoes to match my gold carly as well, but Macy's doesn't have my size :sad:

    SO POST UP YOUR PICS!!!:tup:
  2. I have the Margot's in Tattersall but they really only match the inside of my bags at the moment lol.
    But they kind of hurt my feet too :sad:, I still love them though.
  3. Lately, I've been obessed with getting matching Coach shoes for my hand bags; sneakers, ballet flats, boots, sandals, wedges, pumps, etc. :shame: Here's a photo of one of my all-time favorite matching Coach sets - Deidre pumps and limited edition multi color (suede) patchwork Ergo hobo:

  4. ^^^ wow GREAT set!!!
  5. I will post mine, but first I have to dig them all out.
  6. it's funny because I have one pair of coach sneakers and I love them but never wear them because I think with my siggy bag it is too much. :shrugs:

  7. that is so cute!
  8. i don't think so, I think it makes everything match better
  9. Thank you for the compliments on my matching Coach set, ladies. I used to think that matching hand bag and shoe sets was a bit much until I finally decided to splurge on a pair of matching shoes. I slowly started out by getting a pair of matching shoes for my LV hand bags, then moved into Chanel. However, the most fun and my true shoe obession has been with Coach :heart: :love:
  10. :drool::drool::drool:THAT IS SOOOO HOT!::drool::drool::drool:
  11. I love your set. I like to match my shoes to my bags as well. but i only have one pair of heels to match my Carly which is the Abella. My mom has the gold studded gallery tote too and bought the matching sneakers, looks like the katelyns not sure if it is katelyn. i'm loving the bronze set.
  12. They all look so cute.
  13. I have lots of Coach shoes but none that match my bag! I am on the hunt for a pair of used mini sig sandals, though!
  14. Very nice, my Katelyn sneakers match my Sig Stripe tote but I wonder if people will think it's tacky to match my shoes to my bag? Especially if both are signature?
  15. Super cute, love the matching sets... I wish I could do the matching set thing, but for me then I would have to coordinate my outfit around the shoes, whereas I like to pick out my outfit first and then find the shoes and handbag to match...