Matching Neo Cabby shoes

  1. I've just returned from a visit to London, where I was thrilled to see that LV now do wonderful shoes to match the super black denim Neo Cabby, which I bought about 3 months ago. It was thanks to you girls here that I bought my first LV bag and I'm now pleased to say that I've not stopped with the bag. These shoes are just wonderful. Very stylish, I reckon, but also so comfortable. I love them. What do you think?
    p1010004 (2).jpg p1010006 (2).jpg
  2. Very, very cute shoes!! I love them, congrats!!
  3. So beautiful!!!! Congrats..
  4. Many thanks, beljwl and Traci. Just love your collections. I've some way to go before mine looks as stunning!
  5. wow I love em to pieces they are so darn cute! Congrats! May I ask what was was the retail on them? TIA!
  6. Many thanks, ajamesgrly. I really love them. They also had them in a flat and with a kitten heel, but this high heel was so comfortable that I couldn't resist. They were £340, which isn't bad for designer shoes.
  7. I think it's gorgeous!Congrats!
  8. oooh...tempting! that isn't too bad, I may check out the flats! I love the look of heels but I can't tolerate them very long, and I hate being too tall with em, drives the bf nuts!
  9. Oh they are really nice. Congrats!
  10. So pretty ... :nuts:

  11. My husband sometimes uses the word reckon and I think it's so cute. Anyway, I love these shoes. If I wasn't 5'9, these would be mine. I wonder if they come in a lower heel? Congrats!
  12. They had a kitten heel?! I'll definately have to check these out!
  13. cute!
  14. I just checked em out on the UK site (not on US site yet) you can see the heel, the kitten heel and the flat! so cute!