Matching mini skinny doesn't quite match - pics

  1. Hey all, I'm mostly a lurker around here but I have a question now. My DH bought me a beautiful lilac leather diaper bag/tote with matching wristlet from the outlets for Mother's Day. I purchased a lilac mini skinny from eBay since I can't make it to the outlets often with a 3 year old and a 2 month old. The mini skinny is lilac also but the color doesn't match.

    Does anyone know if the color is from last year? Also, any tips on where I can get the real matching one?

    I'm including a picture here so you can see the color difference. There seems to be a color difference between the wristlet and bag in the picture but it's really just a difference in texture since the bag is pebbled leather.

  2. beautiful bag!

    I am wondering if it is an authenticity issue with the mini or if it is a previous season... Hope you get it sorted out!
  3. The skinny looks like the lilac from this year.....
  4. yes the skinny is from this year (around Easter) I think the bag is from last year.
  5. I think that the bag and the wristlet are outlet-only from this year which could account for the color difference.
  6. ^^ yeah coach does that. they've been known to come out with a similar but just a little different color. tlaq, i do see the color difference and i'm sorry that it happened :sad: i'm sure you were hoping to get a complete matching one...but maybe you could resell it and look for another one
  7. Thanks for the help. They must be from different seasons. I'll have to take a trip to the outlets and look for a matching one soon.

  8. I hope you get it sorted out. They are both pretty colors though.