Matching LV Wallets ?

  1. Does anyone here try to match their wallets with their bags? Do you think the BH and Koala MC White go together? I really like my BH with the Perfo Compact Zippe in Fuschia, but it does not have as many CC slots. Maybe I am just obsessing too much, I am afraid that if I buy the damier speedy, I'll want a damier wallet next and matching LV wallets are so expensive. :sad2:
  2. It would be nice to have matching wallets with everyting---but who really cares?

    I am carrying my MC speedy this week and have not changed out to my MC porte tresor international wallet. I still have the mono wallet in there.

    Who cares though?

    Like I said in a previous thread. The only perosn who really ever gets a chance to see that our wallets match is the person at the checkout counter in a store.
    And i doubt they really care :lol:
  3. I love my white MC PTI and I use it with all my bags. But, when the PTI can't fit in my bag, I switch to my Panda Billfold. Just as long as you LOVE the wallet, I don't think it will matter if it's not the same line as your bag each time.
  4. It would be nice but I already decided at the price of the wallets, I'd rather have another bag. I think BF wants to get me one though. If he did, I'd keep it but just one.
  5. Nah, I have a Coach plain black leather PDA case that holds all of my wallet items. Keeps everything together nicely, looks good no matter what.
  6. I like the traditional LV monogram the best so everything I buy will prob match bc I am going to stick to that pattern. However, I don't think a mismatching wallet is a big deal at all.
  7. ^colleenco ~ I'm The Same With The Traditional Monogram!
  8. Thanks gals, you are the best !
  9. I don't worry too much about matching. It would cost a fortune to have a matching wallet for every bag. I am using my Porte Billets billfold with my Donna Karan Bryant bag.
  10. Hmm,...come to think of it, my wallet is actually more important than my bag. If I lose my bag, it is not the end of the world, but if I lose my wallet, my life would go to hell ! My wallet was stolen once and it was such a pain trying to replace everything inside.
  11. I like my leather wallet and two leather make up bags (all Coach) so they get used in all my bags.
  12. I don't mind if my wallets don't match. I use my french wallet for all of my bags.
  13. I'm using my fuschia perf. wallet as my primary wallet now, and I do think it looks a bit weird with my green perf, but it's not a big deal. However, the wallet has made me wish for a fuschia speedy, so I'll se what I'll do during the summer vacation, because I really want one now:smile:
  14. I'd love to have matching wallets but i think its a pita to change. Personally i would go with a wallet that will match your summer bags and one for winter bags. Or just one that would got with everything.

    Perhaps just a solid color wallet:smile:
  15. It's hard to find a wallet that matches all my bags and I agree,changing wallets just to match the bag is a pain (besides the expense). I usually only do it for travel as when I travel, I want to carry less crap in my wallet ! Really like the idea of a summer and winter wallet !
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