matching is so expensive!!

  1. So I won one of the black OP denaro's on e-bay... $71 and $8 shipping. That's the first time I've paid over retail for anything!! I can't help it... I have a NEED for matching wallets and purses. So even though I paid a lot (I wasn't going to bid over $75) I'm happy that my OP bella bella has a matching wallet now!!

    I know there's a denaro BIN for about a dollar or two less than what I paid, but I really wanted the placement on this one because it was mostly pink and blue instead of red!

    Next mission: Camo denaro for the bella bella in the mail!!
  2. Awww congrats maya!!! ur matching sets are awesome and make the bags look "complete" with their matching friend...hehehe... pics pics pics w/ the BB when u get it!!
  3. haha how cute!

    i've tried two tj maxx's looking for any toki :sad: no luck!
  4. congrats maya!! ooh so you ordered a camo bellabella too?? :graucho:
  5. Hahaha. Yeah, broke down and got the olive Camo bella bella!! I just love the style and the olive color!! Now I just need the matching denaro...
  6. Wow!

    congrats! may i ask who the seller was? and when you get it in tell me how you like it? ugh, I want a matching one too! I saw one but in black with OP inside. hmmm... I saw a matching caramella for the camo olive being sold by miye something i think? it was only 26.00!!! I didn't know if it was real or not...
  7. The seller is evala. Here's the one I won:

    I like that the outside of the denaro is black because I keep heariing that the green lining of the OP rubs off on things!! So any color that rubs on black is still gonna be black!! I liked the inside of this one because of the yellow cactus kid in the middle, the rainbow on the flap, and the pink and blue tulips! As little red as possible - same with the front of my bella bella! And yeah, I'll let you know how I like it as soon as I get it. I'm sure I'll like it because I have four other denaro's.
  8. Maya: When you use scotch gard do you just spray it on? I just wanted to know if there was anything else i needed to do, before i ruin it! I know you told me earlier to cover the leather and zippers... Am I missing anything?
  9. congratz on ur new matching wallet!
  10. cute. ANd yeah, Matching is expensive. I keep getting one bag, then a wallet to match, then a smaller bag to match the wallet on days I don't need a big bag, then a bigger bag for the days I need a ton of stuff, then a caramella to match the bag and wallet for the loose stuff you need everyday. . . on and on and on and on. . .
  11. maya - congrats on getting a matching denaro!!!
  12. exactly!! :nuts:
  13. LOL :yahoo: CONGRATS MAYA!!! I know how you feel about matching your wallets to your bags! I'm glad you were finally able to find one you liked! A bit over retail but I think its pretty worth it!! (You still paid under Hawaii retail!!) Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS!! :biggrin:

  14. That's the first denaro I ever bought & i paid about the same off eBay for it. And I bought mine over a year ago, when OP had just sold out off the shelves and was even harder to find because it wasn't as popular yet.
  15. congrats maya! :tup: you finally found your black OP denaro! i had wanted matching denaros too, but they're so expensive! i figured i have too many wallets as it is already. :girlsigh: