Matching decor for Master bedroom and on-suite bath?

  1. Okay, so I am in the process of getting ready to decorate on my own for the first time.

    I was wondering, if I like a red and cream bedspead, does that mean that the on-suite bathroom has to have the same color pallete.

    Or is it okay to do the bathroom in a blue-brown-cream color palette?

    Also, does this comforter set look too masculine, or is it appropriate for a husband and wife's bedroom?

  2. No, they don't have to "match". There's no rules anymore.
    We're in our 7th home and we've built 5 of them. What I've learned is to figure out what colors I loved and use them everywhere so everything is sort of synergetic. I learned that I love earth tones: reds, golds and sage greens specifically. Aside from my DD's room, my whole home is done in different tones/colors but they all coordinate.

    I think it's good that you're using cream in both, no reason you can't choose different colors in each room.

    The bedding isn't too femme or masculine IMO, more preppy.
  3. Thank you for your post, Swanky.

    I should mention, my condo is only around 700 sq feet, so it's pretty small.

    Is it still okay if the color palettes aren't the same considering my home is a small space?
  4. Yea, IMO. Well, does the bathroom close off?
    But no, truly separate rooms don't have to be matchy ,matchy.
  5. Hi again Swanky.

    The bathroom has two doors. One ''typical'' door going out into the hallway, then a pocket door leading into the bedroom.

    So I wasn't sure if the ocean/spa-like colors of the bathroom would clash too much with the pretty red Nautica bedroom comforter.
  6. I usually decorate with colour and keep the walls and fixtures a neutral colour so that I can change my mind about the palette later on. This is our second place that we did ourselves. I matched the kitchen colors to the bathroom so that the house is more fluid, but other than that, no other room in the house has matchy matchy colours.
  7. I did the same thing. All my walls are Parisian Taupe, by Behr, with deep, white crown moulding. This makes it easy to change accessory colors, like pillows and curtains, and gives my small house a spacious, cohesive look. It's amazing how good every color looks with the paint color. I painted a few rooms non-neutral colors, but quickly painted over them with the Parisian Taupe! (There was the unfortunate choice of sapphire blue for the dining room. I used to sit in the living room, glance over, and think, "What the heck was I on when I painted that room that color?!?" I also painted my upstairs bath what I thought was a cantaloupe/peach color. Yuck. In my defense, I saw these ideas in a decorating book, used with a lot of white--such as wainscoting. Looked great in the book, but not in my house!)
  8. I like this and it's also what I have done in my house. It makes total sense to me. My walls are natural and taupe-colored. I like to focus on what's within the walls, rather than what's on them.
  9. Your ensuite doesn't have to match. All that matters is if you like it.
    BTW, the comforter set in your link is not too masculine at all. I think it's clean and simple and fuss free.
  10. Our ensuite bathroom is done with slightly different colors than we have in our master, I don't think it matters. I tend to decorate with a lot of neutrals anyways, so everything just kind of "goes" if that makes sense... But isn't matchy. :smile:
  11. I was overhearing a SA at Macy's tell a couple that they should match.. I disagree... then again I like a different design per room.
  12. You could put a touch of red in the bathroom to pull things together. I have light aqua walls in my bathroom and I love it! You could put touches of the ocean/spa colors in your bedroom and touches of the red and cream in your bathroom. Look at the background of the web site link you posted. It's shades of blue, and the comforter looks good with it as long as it is not right up against it.

    You could neutralize everything with green plants. You could get cream towels for the bath and put decorative hand towels on top of them that have just a touch of red. A little red goes a long way.

    There is a designer on HGTV ("Color Confidential" I think is her show). She can take ANY trio of colors and make them work with accessories.

    When painting walls, I think you need to examine the transition from walls to trim to walls. So you could have cream walls in the bedroom with the dark wood trim and light aqua walls in the bathroom, no problem. Then have touches of each important color in both rooms (repetition).

    Also on HGTV, Sarah's Summer Cottage(?) did a red and white nautical bedroom. Every room is a different color palette. She did blues in the living room and kitchen: gorgeous! It reminds me of your comforter page. (couldn't find pics, sorry)