Matching cocktails w H bags?

  1. DH thinks I am nuts:nuts:, but I like to match cocktails with my h bags.

    Let’s see….
    Cranberry Vodka with Ms. Rouge H Constance
    Chocolate Latte Martini with Ms. Barenia HAC
    Scotch or brandy with Ms. Vintage Noisette box clutch
    Red wine with Ms. Rouge H Dalvy

    Am I insane? Does anyone have more h bag and cocktail suggestions?
  2. Oh I like this :smile: let me see, my suggestions"

    frozen mojito with Etoupe Kelly
    Blue Margarita with BJ Plume & Lindy
    Black Velvet with my black Massai
  3. Sorry, my favorite drink is a plain ol Corona,.. straight from the bottle, hold the glass!
  4. baggaholic you really should try my homemade mojito's and margarita's any color you want;) and L2C that counts for you too:smile: that's how my DH fell in love with me:smile:
  5. How about something vert to match that citrus on top of your Corona bottle?
  6. okay now what about a martini with a cherry in it for the rouge H? would that work.
  7. Woo...could you make me a mojito in rouge h? I bet Cookin' Birkin would like that.
  8. Yes I can, some cranberry in there.... :smile: and red red colored icecubes :smile: either cranberry of raspberry.
  9. Well what about just a plain martini, its white so it matches everything? you can hold on the olive (even though thats the fun bit lol)
  10. You got an apple martini! :nuts:
  11. I like that naughtymanolo !!! just perfect !
    oh now L2C i'm dying to ask you a question about london, my DH took me to an Italian restaurant, very nice and chiq, BUT then the butler tries to serve you spaghetti and spills it over you (no it was just a trick) but the idea, and the same goes on for the coffee, sort of a comedian restaurant. I want to surprise DH to go here for our 5 th anniversary , but have no clue of the name (I could get it out of him i think without alarming him) but just thought I would give it a try.
  12. HK - Homemade cocktails. No wonder you hold the keys to your dh's heart! Red coloured ice cubes! I can almost picture cookin' birkin reflection in those ice cubes.

    Naughtymanolo - I second that motion. You can't go wrong with a martini. How about an olive bearn in an h bag for matchy match?
  13. I love Mojo's!!!!!!! My favorite is the "coconut martini" Ohh! I make these home and get wasted by the 3rd!
  14. Sorry HK, but I have no idea. It does sounds like loads of fun.
  15. Baggaholic - We need to invite Kim_Mac and HauteCouturess's white kellies for those coconut martinis of yours.