Matching bag color to outfit

  1. :cursing: Ok I know I am sick but....I have over 50 designer bags, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Cartier, Dior, etc. Majority are black because I wear black most of the year. I will add colors but my shoes, skirt or pants are usually black. I have just received a Khaki Chanel and I am getting a migraine trying to figure out what to wear it with. Do any of you match your bags or just wear them with any color you like?
  2. I try not to totally clash, but for the most part if it's a great bag I just wear and enjoy.
  3. With a khaki colored CHANEL, I would keep your outfit simple and not flashy. Let the bag do the talking.
  4. I think khaki goes great with black; Chanel thinks so, too, as one of the enduring color combos in the ballet flats seems to be khaki w/black toe caps!:yes: Still, it's really a neutral and would look great with a white shirt and jeans or almost any color that isn't too bright, just keep the tone of your outfit in line with the bag. BTW, you're not sick - there are a lot of us here.:jammin: Post pics of your collection sometime.
  5. ^^ I agree. I consider it a neutral too.
  6. I absolutley match EVERYTHING to my bags !!!!!:yes:
    I have only about 17 bags. (way less than you but perfect for me)
    I rotate my bags on a MONTHLY basis. For example, Feb is "Burgundy" month. I will use my Bordeaux Balenciaga in Feb. So for that month my toenails are boreaux, I wear glasses, so my frames are bordeaux, my watchband on my Techomarine watch is bordeaux and all of my clothes will have some sort of bordeaux color in them for Feb.:p

    I could go on about the other months' colors too :p

    I know it's totally wacky.....:nuts:
  7. I wish I had Chanel in every color to match my outfits.
  8. :shame: me too! but i like to 'flash' my bag by making it the most obvious color of my outfit; it's the most expensive thing i carry anyway, so might as well let it be the spokeperson of my outfit :yes:
  9. i like to match khakhis/bronzes/beiges/browns with jeans!
  10. I agree.Treat your khaki as a neutral..Just like wear a black bag.Itll go with anything!
  11. i don't i'm wearing lavendar with black...sometimes a vibrant color makes a dark outfit "pop"
  12. I'm pretty young, but I like to wear my bags kind of old school with matching shoes. I will match my bag and shoes and then I feel like anything goes with my outfit.