Matching B-bags to Outfits?

  1. How do you guys normally match/coordinate your B-bags to your clothes? Do you guys match it entirely, match it with one other thing in your outfit, dont match it with anything but coordinate it with your clothes etc blahh blahh? Tell me some outfits you normally wear with your B-bags, and what color your B-bag is for the fit!

    Reason why I asked, was because I might get a B-bag before school starts, and if I do, I wanna use it for the first day! I want a Black city, but would be just as happy with a Rouge Vif!! but anyways, I wanted to wear like a white with black shirt, jeans, black shoes, with black hair, and black nails, along with a black city. BUTTT if I got the Rouge Vif I would wear the same, but with a red heart pendent. sounds good? hahahahaha sorry if I confused you! OHH I was thinking grey too, but would it be cute if I wore the whole black & white thing with a lil grey?

    please & thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. it really depends on the look you want to convey. red is a statement color. people will probably always remember you as that girl with the fabulous red bag. but a black city is more quiet luxury. up to you.

    I dont match anything with anything. I like to mix neutrals and add pops of funny colors. but I'm more arty/rocker than classic/trendy/pop/preppy/elegant.

    eta: also red goes with a lot of stuff for fall... but so does black and grey I guess. I'm not much help am I?
  3. great thread reynaldoc, guess we should also add pictures! (dont have a camera at the moment but I will!)I find it so important to match outfits otherwise I fell like Im not honoring my bbag properly and that people might think its just another fake if I look like a dag...always need to look fabulous when wearing it:tender:
    Can u post some pix of the outfits you're planning on wearing...the black white combination with black city sounds good to me but I'm not sure Ive got everything pictured right
    Today Im carrying my black shrug. Im wearing black skinny drainpipe jeans an oversized gray cotton tshirt over a black tank top, a vintage black cropped jacket with ruffles (yeah I know that sounds weird.. pictures would speak for themselves), a vintage gold chain and patent leather flats
    Oh yeah and I would also go for the black one but I guess Im the most biased person to ask since I only have black bags wear a lot of black and would never go anywhere near a rouge vif (they seem to hard to get anyway :yes: )
  4. Mann! I dont have a pic of my outfit yett, but basically I got inspired by Victoria Beckham -- She wore a white with black top, jeans, red pumps, black clutch & black nails. I looooved the outfit soo much, I tried to re-create it as much as possible, but with a manly twist.

    I want either a black, rouge vif, or grey city. BUT I dont know how to match -- I suck at it, I usually over do it!

    I would love to see pics of put together outfits with B-bags!! HELP!
  5. oh ok now I see it you actually mean black with whit Tshirt? How does it fit?
    also your jeans what color and cut are they?
    and the shoes are they boots stiletto, flats?
    Im not sure about the black nail can look either really good if youre polished or dirty and goth like
    Hope u dont mind me asking all these details...Im just a freak when it comes to putting up outfits together..I love to find the perfect match!
  6. See how victoria has made a statement with her red shoes i think thats the sort of thing you should do but do it with your B-Bag maybe thats why you should have the Rouge Vif
  7. I definitely try and co-ordinate my bags with my shirt and shoe colour. I wear blue jeans every day, so I don't factor that into my bag.shirt.shoe equation. I, for instance, don't wear my black bag with black shirts, especially since the black shirt will make such a nice backdrop for one of the jewelly colours, Emerald, Rouille, Sky Blue. I tend to tone down my brighter shirts with the Black (which looks unbelievably great against a dark olive green!) and my Cornflower I wear with khaki, any browns but caramel, and various blues. The Grey I wear with grey's, blacks, blues, spring greens. I have a hard time matching my Ink, so I wear it with grey and white. I *love* how it pops against white t-shirts.

    I have pondered getting a caramel/ brown Twiggy, but I can't see what I would wear it with. I have bags to match every shirt in my wardrobe. I can't see wearing it with browns, too matchy-matchy, white I really like to wear with my Ink, I don't think it goes with black, so I think my next bag will be the Rouge Vif because I think it's fabulous, or try and track down an Origan Twiggy. I can see the Origan being very versatile.

    Interesting thread!

    I wish you well,

  8. Black will go with everything so that's a given. Of course the rouge vif is totally a showstopper and will bring attention to your outfit. I think you need to decide which bag you will get more use out of? Does that matter to you or can you get enough use out of either of them? Grey will work with everything too since it is really a neutral color.

    If you already own a black bag (which most of us do) then maybe go for the rouge vif. It would really give the WOW factor to your outfit but if you really want to buy a bag you can use more often and with everything go for the black or grey.
  9. Get that red bag while you can. Black isn't going anywhere. You will look so hot with black, white, and red.
  10. I never match any of my bags to my outfits....I guess I favor the "thrown together" look.

    BTW, Victoria looks so cool there; a worthy inspiration!
  11. i'm a retard when it comes to fashion :lol: i never match my outfits with my b-bags... what ever i wear, it WILL have to go with my b-bag! :roflmfao: generally, im wear chucks or DC skate shoes/jeans/black pants.... :shame:
  12. i never seem to match it up that well either with my bags. hahaha, some people lay out their clothes the night before, i think about which bag to carry, but in the morning i throw on whatever i see.
  13. im a guy, so I have to keep is masculine yet feminine.

    I was going to wear this shirt from some skater brand thats white with a black panda on it. With Seven jeans in a dark wash, nicely fitted. Then some black VANS. With Chanel sunglasses I might borrow from a cousin! hahaha. My hair is going to be one of the biggest parts to the outfit, its a mohawk outgrown with a tail (elongreach helped me with the extension part for the tail). Then I might paint my nails black with the Chanel Black Satin polish. Also the B-bag in either red or black -- I have to use it hand held though.

    The outfit is basically my new style, and iono hahahah. I hope I find the right bag.
  14. ^Oooh, kind of off topic, but I'm dying for the Chanel Black Satin polish! How do you like it?

    P.S. The outfit sounds absolutely fab!
  15. I love Black Satin! But it chips easily so I put a top coat. Its funny cuhs it has shimmer right? and my friend was like im wearing the same polish as you! I looked at her nails, and was like theres no shimmer? its matte! look at mine, they have shimmer. hahaha