matching accessories

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  1. ok i am all for mixing and matching but i am at a loss about epi stuff.

    i have: myrtille speedy, red passy

    i have a red agenda which goes with both.

    i am thinking about *maybe* getting a new wallet- would i be ok with mandarin or would i be better off with red or myrtille or even damier? i also have a bh and damier speedy this would go with.

  2. anyone? too much color? stick to just the red and blue?
  3. Well, you know I'll be voting for the mandarin wallet--it would really POP the myrtille, and would probably look okay with the red. I'm not a huge fan of matchy-matchy accessories. I have a mono pouchette porte monnaie Credit NM that I like because it goes with everything I have--a touch of the traditional in my rather brightly-colored collection.
  4. The Damier Wallet would go awesome with the Red Passy I would even get a Damier Key Holder (Cles) to hang on the outside handle..:yes:
  5. i have a damier cles :yahoo: just haven't used it yet. i would love damier but i can't find it in my price range- even on eBay. :sad:

    i do have a zippy groom oranizer that i use every day i just wanted a second smaller wallet for when i don't want to bring the whole big thing. that's why i dont want to pay a fortune.

    so ama- you don't like the mandarin idea?

    thanks lush and ama!
  6. As your friend honestly no, i'm sorry:sad: the colors clash to much for the handbag to look classic IMO
  7. you are so cute. i pmed you. :love:
  8. Heather:
    I have and idea. On another thread I posted about the Epi line not having a cosmetic pouch and found out you can order the pouch that comes with the Bucket Bags with out the gold chain. They are 175 i think. I ordered as red one to go with my Black Passy. What if you ordered one or even a damier one to use as a wallet?
  9. HM... you could order a damier one? i have a smaier trousse. i could use that. then again the mandarin would go with my mono and damier bags... argh. i'm all mixed up. if only i could get a damier french purse! i think that or a zipped compact one are what would be ideal for me. or red epi but that's a lot of red.

    what about mc? would that go?
  10. i had a red suhali bag and I loved how mc looked with it...imo mc goes with a lot...
  11. omg that should have said DAMIER. lol
  12. Personally, all my epi bags/accessories are in mandarin. I like everything to match. I would possibly add a mc accessory to my collection. I like the suggestion that your accessory come from outside the epi line.
  13. What about the Epi pochette? I use those as my make-up and knick-knack bags.
  14. how about a black epi? Or seeing what the white looks like?