Matching accessories?

  1. I'm hoping to buy a pochette accessory pouch & cles soon & wonder what everyone thinks of matching your accessories to your bag?

    I only have one LV bag at present (monogram Alma). Should I get mono accessories too, or would it be okay to get Damier Azur, vernis, etc.....or is it all just a matter of personal preference?

    Thanks for all opinions! :supacool:
  2. The monogram goes with alot. So i would be just fine if you went and got vernis and damier.
  3. I personally match up everything but I don't feel like I am stylish enough to go out on a limb and do my own thing.

    If you are comfortable with the mix and match you should go for it!

  4. I like mix and match.
    To go with monogram alma, i prefer Damier Azur.
  5. I def. am a mix and matcher. In my bag I have vernis pieces (pomme and Frambose), mono pieces, damier pieces, and black mc pieces. Check out the "What's in your bag" thread for eveyone's pretty accessories!
  6. Definitely mix & match. I like having a variety of LV pieces rather than all mono, damier, MC, etc.
  7. i prefer mix and match :nuts: just feel it is so much fun to have little bit of every range...
  8. I'm kind of a matchy-matchy kind of girl but I guess its all whatever pleases you best.

    The Monogram Alma, by the way, wouldn't look bad with mix-match items if thats what you plan on doing.
  9. ^^^ Yea, I like to match my accessories too, it depends on you though whatever you think will suit you the best.