Matches Sale

  1. I ordered a Mulberry Alexa just a few days after you, so lets keep crossing our fingers we don't get one :p
  2. Matches officially marked down their items. The easiest way to access the sale is through googling "Matches Fashion" and clicking the "Sale" link as they removed it on their home page. Savings vary with different brands. Isabel Marant is only 30% off.
  3. When I went to the sale page, it said coming soon and prompted me to enter my email for updates.
  4. Hmm weird, it let me see it this morning. Guess they blocked it off now. Sorry!
  5. Thanks for the heads up, though. I signed up to get an email when the sale launches.
  6. I signed into the Matches site and the sale prices show when you search for a designer. Happy Shopping!
  7. I tried searching for a couple of designers - Stella McCartney, MaxMara, Boy, Band of Outsiders, and a couple of others, but didn't see any sale merchandise. :sad:
  8. Did you sign into your Matches account? I saw sale prices once I signed in and searched designers through the search bar. Margiela, some YSL, Burberry, the Anya Hindmarch bag I'm stalking & many other designers are on sale around 30-40 percent off.
  9. Did they change it again? I can't find any sale even when I'm signed in :nogood:
  10. every designer I search for it says "new collection coming soon" and there are no items shown:sad:
  11. I got the sale preview email this morning, dont think the full sale is up and running yet Nothing grabbed me, not that i'm buying anyway - just being nosy.
  12. i don't have a matches account. i just went to matches website and typed in the designer and am able to see the sales items for that designer...
  13. more_CHOOS, Thanks for the tip! I was able to get the dress that's sold out everywhere in the US in my size. I am so happy!
  14. Any idea if they'd be doing free shipping? $45 to the US makes the one item I want a little more expensive than I'm willing to pay. Also, if you go over $200 on shipping charges but the item is worth less than $200 do you have to pay customs?
  15. They don't do it all that often from what I've seen and they just had free shipping in may so I can't see it happening too soon.