Matches Sale

  1. When DHL delivered my package, I wasn't charged any duty fees. However, I later received an invoice from DHL for 20% of the item's cost. I live in California.
  2. How long did it take for you to receive the invoice? I ordered something a little over a month ago, DHL did not charge me duty fees and I have not received an invoice yet. I am also in California. I wonder if I will be sent an invoice..
  3. Last time I purchased from Matches, it took about a month before I got the DHL invoice
  4. Eek, guess I better be watching the mail for my invoice now. Crossing my fingers they don't send me one though lol
  5. If the item is under 200$, there is no duty fees. I got the invoice within 10 days of the item being delivered.
  6. How strange then, that I haven't gotten it yet. My item was $1000+

    Thanks for the info!
  7. If you didn't get an invoice that's great! :smile: In my case, the item I ordered was defective and had to be sent back but, I am now stuck with the customs fee. In order to get the money back, I have to file a drawback from with customs. It makes me not want to order internationally again!:sad:
  8. how do i see what items are available for presale?
  9. I put the item(s) I wanted in my cart and typed in the code - it was 30 percent off for the item I purchased. I am eagerly awaiting shipment confirmation.
  10. is there a free shipping code please pm me I have something in my cart desperate to buy...
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    The presale code is the code at the moment there isn't a free shipping code as well.
    From my experience with Matches, they don't have free shipping all that often.
  12. Me too! I ordered a Bbag April 29 and to date, I have not received a DHL customs invoice. I am in Texas. Crossing my fingers, I don't get one!
  13. When is this sale going to start??? I'm eying some dresses and the 30% off just isn't enough ;)
  14. 20%! Wow that is high. Would you mind me asking what you bought? Just wondering why you were charged do much?
  15. I bought a Chloe Marcie Crossbody bag. 20% does seem pretty steep most I've heard ppl pay is 10%.