Matches Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thanks Trix...checkin out now! Hopefully there is something that catches my eye!
  2. Uk Julie lovers - you should go for it, it is a great offer!
  3. I hope you find something - there are some great deals.

    I have to wait until January to buy a BV i've put myself on a ban until I go to NYC - it's soooo hard!
  4. o yes, i bought the limo sloane! gonna post pics, but not real soon, cause i have it delivered to my sis (in the US), and i'm a bit worried about the import taxes...
    but, I'm SOOOOOOOO damn happy!
  5. Where is the company located? Sorry, I am not familiar with VAT?? :confused1:

  6. it's a UK retail company, they have stores in london, richmond, etc..
    and VAT is the tax..
    you don't have to pay the VAT if the goods is not delivered to UK (i think), i have my bag delivered to the US and i didn't have to pay for the tax. :smile:
  7. Ohhh I need shoes!!!! Thanks Trix!
  8. Oh, thank you.... Now I really don't know what to do!!! I would get the rose colored one. But what if I don't like it, it would be a pain to return whereas it's much easier to return at bluefly.

  9. If painful returns are a concern, I'd stick with Bluefly personally.
  10. correction, i think it's old petra, not noce.. (not sure)
    if you're sure that you want the sloane, you can go with the matches (it's cheaper) or bluefly if you're not sure yet, what colour you want JudieH?
  11. Thanks guys for your help and suggestions. I am going to take a walk and walk away from the computer!! I don't need another bag and it's insane for me to purchase this one when I haven't even received my first BV bag!!!!

    I am going to hold off. Why am I so obsessed!??!??!
  12. hahah because this forum is so full of enablers, btw, i just check the and there are two kinds of sloane, but both of them are unavailable..?:push:
  13. Do you have to pay US tax? Usually the DHL/Fedex will send you bill for taxes?
  14. that's what i'm worried about. hope my sloane'll pass the custom.. kicksareforwids ordered from the same site, and got nothing chraged for the US tax... :smile: