Matches Fashion verification question?

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  1. Hi everyone. I just made my first purchase on Matches last night and this morning, I received an email asking for a scan of my passport or drivers license in colour to verify who I am since I'm a first-time buyer. This is a bit odd as I've never had such a request from any online store and am now a bit hesitant with this company. Anyone else have any experience with this?
  2. Oh that's odd? I purchased something from them last year, and did not have to do that...
  3. Hmmm odd for matchesfashion. . But i have been asked to produce my id copy and credit card photo by another website.
    I think this happens when you make a purchase online and your credit card company does nt help in clearing your identification.

    Better call customer care..ask them why they need it. If you are convinced then send them through ..
  4. For those wondering, I called in and said I was concerned with this. They understood completely saying this was a new security check they do. Again, I reiterated that I didn't feel comfortable given all the identity theft you hear about. So they passed me to the security part of their service team. They asked me some security questions and with that, they were able to confirm my identity and that's that. My bag is now on its way! 😄
  5. This is really odd thing, I am worried why they will ask you for drivers license . What is the use of drivers license for them ?
  6. this is really odd, i am here this type of problem first time, what they do with your driving license or passport so please call help and customer support to conform that is not fraud.
  7. i placed an order on Matches for the first time and also received an email stating they needed a color copy of my ID (driver's license, passport, etc.). i called them to express my concern and ask if i could answer some alternative security questions - they said No, that the only way to process my order was to email them a color copy. :sad: this is really strange, as i've never had an e-site ask me for this. hmmm. . .
  8. Just tried to buy something through Matches Fashion for the first time. They said the same thing to me, that they needed me to email a copy of government identification to process my order.

    I work in the payment industry, at no time should a retailer ever ask you to EMAIL a non redacted digital copy of government issued id to process a sale. You are pretty much guaranteeing yourself to be a victim of identify theft. Is it really worth saving a few hundred bucks to guarantee yourself a high likelihood of identify theft?

    Email is not a safe method to send this type of information(mostly because there almost always no encryption! Matches Fashion certainly isn't check to see if you are sending you personal data securely) , of this nature and a retailer should never ask for a digital copy of your personal id over email. If anything was suspicious with this transaction, the Matches Fashion payment processor and your payment card company should be handling this kind of issue. What Matches Fashion is asking us to do actually is a violation of the PCI DSS (Payment card Industry Data Security Standard), which they have to comply with. This standard was designed by the independent body of PCI (Payment Card Industry) which was formed by the likes of Visa, American Express, MasterCard and others. Anyways, to make a long story short, Matches Fashion is actually putting itself in position to be facing a lot of big fines by asking for this type of information over a known to be insecure transit method.

    If you care to read more about this issue read this link:
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